I see it everywhere – people opening up to their intuition! It’s crazy good you guys! Opening our intuition and actually living by it helps us live in a more connected way to everyone and everything around us – and who can’t use more of that right now?

I’m constantly being asked by clients and friends for quick, easy ways to practice opening in a safe way. So in this blog, I’ve decided to provide a few of those fun ways to you!

1. People Watching

This is one of my favorites. Go to the mall or another busy people place and simply observe. As you spot someone, make up a story about what his or her life is like. What is the person feeling? What might the family life be like or the job situation? What deceased loved ones do you sense around this person? What are his/her struggles, likes, dislikes, insecurities, favorite foods, ailments? This is stimulating your imagination. Now, you won’t get feedback on this one, because it’s obviously super unethical to approach someone with unsolicited intuitive information (super big no-no!), but it’s an exercise for your intuition! And, it’s super entertaining!

2. Picture Reading with Friends or Family

You’ll need friends or family to be on board with this one. Have a family member or friend provide a photo of someone he/she knows well, but you don’t. From the photo, jot down any impressions you get about the person. Don’t judge or censor what you’re getting. Remember, it doesn’t have to make sense – just jot it down! This exercise is asking you to put aside your logical, assumptive brain and trust your immediate impressions and sensations. Read back over the list with the person who provided the picture and ask that they give you feedback!

3. Phone Predicting

The next time your phone rings, beeps, or buzzes with a text message or phone call, try to guess who is reaching out before looking at your caller ID! Pay attention to how the impression comes in. Did you think of the name of the person, visualize the face, hear his/her voice in your head, feel your heart expand or chest get tight? This is training you to begin to identify people’s unique energy signatures and is a great exercise to begin to identify how your intuition works most naturally.

The whole point is to enjoy yourself! Have fun. Remember, these are games!