For the longest time, I waited for my intuition to come floating into my head like the most beautiful picture sent on the breath of an angel. The angel would spread her wings, and I would see the picture play out before me like a movie. There would be words and sounds and colors.

In my mind, connecting with deceased loved ones happened effortlessly – those loved and lost parading before me, appearing to my eye exactly as I remembered them when they were alive.

But that’s not how my intuition happens to work. Nor most people’s actually. It’s time to break away from the Hollywood idea of how your intuition SHOULD work and start learning how it actually works.

For most of us, it’s in our body. Body Based Intuition. Our intuition is screaming at us  all day through our emotions and our physical sensations. Yet, we ignore it. That pain in your chest. That headache, stomachache, sore knee. It all means something. Maybe it’s a visit from your relative who passed away by a heart attack (I Died Three Times Yesterday – Life as a Medium). Maybe that headache and stomachache is telling you that your romantic relationship is off kilter. That sore knee? Maybe that’s your intuitive hit that your pride is in the way of your forward movement in your life.

So how do you know? How do you learn how to work with your intuition and allow it to guide you through life?

Step 1: Get to know your body and your emotional self. 

Pay attention to your aches and pains, your moods and feelings. Begin to take notice of them at the start of your day and at the end of your day. How do they change throughout the day? Ask yourself: Does this pain or feeling make sense for right now or could this be another force at work?

Step 2: Find a teacher (or teachers). 

Find a teacher you resonate with and respect. Your teacher should make you feel at ease, provide lightbulb moments and a deeper sense of connection to yourself. When you’re finished with your lesson, you may experience an excitement or a “lightness” in your being. You may find that more than one teacher resonates with you. There is no limit to how many teachers you can have. You may find teachers through books, or videos, or in person.

Step 3: Practice and Pay Attention. 

Our intuition is like a toddler – constantly yammering “Look at me. Look at me. Look what I can do.” Your job is to pay attention to it. Pay attention and practice. Play games with your intuition. (Stay tuned to the next blog to learn some intuitive games you can play!) Learn how it works. Get to know it – after all, your intuition is YOU.