3 Tips To Move Emotion

Written By Jennifer Busco
INTUITIVE GUIDE & ENERGY HEALER In a session, Jennifer harnesses her innate intuitive abilities and spiritual gifts to guide clients on a journey of identifying and beginning to heal the root of personal struggles and limiting beliefs.

How To Let Emotions Flow

One valuable piece of advice I consistently share with my clients is the phrase “better out than in.

Essentially, it emphasizes the importance of allowing emotions, fears, and stress to flow through and out of us rather than bottling them up. Holding onto such emotions can be detrimental to our physical, emotional, and energetic well-being. This concept is especially important when dealing with emotions like sadness and grief.

Expressing and releasing these emotions not only contributes to emotional freedom but also positively impacts physical health. By embodying, processing, and allowing the release of stored emotions and energy, we open ourselves to new opportunities and remove blocks.

Sometimes, healing requires experiencing and acknowledging these emotions—feeling it to heal it. So the next time you encounter discomfort, fear, or stress, consider letting it move through you. The act of releasing can be transformative.

Here are a few tips:

  • Breathe – Get quiet and center yourself. If you are feeling a certain emotion, assign a color to it (the first thing that comes to mind). Take 3 cleansing breaths visualizing that color on the exhales.
  • Visualize –  Get quiet and center yourself. Imagine that your emotion is like a wave moving through you and being released to Source energy, honoring what it’s showing you and remembering it’s all divine.
  • Say it – Get quiet and center yourself. Repeat as many times as needed: “I acknowledge, embody, and allow this to release in the most graceful way possible.”

It’s possible that you may feel frustrated, sad, or angry after a healing session because things are coming out versus staying in. It’s helpful to remember that this too shall pass.

Need some help navigating everything that’s moving within? Book a session with me and we can get you some clarity.

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