5 Ways To Relieve Anxiety

Written By Ashley Dordal
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5 Energy Techniques to Help You Combat Anxiety

Anxiety – It’s almost a buzz word these days! We hear it everywhere. And many of us have had some (or a lot) of experience with it. While we know that anxiety can have a physical component, such as a diet with too much sugar or caffeine, side effects from medication or hormonal imbalances, it can commonly have an energetic component too! So sit back while our newest healer to the team, Ashley Dordal, introduces to you 5 quick questions you can ask yourself to identify the potential energetic cause. Then, use the energy tip to help you shift from angst back to your more natural state of peace.

1. Do you feel rooted into the earth?

Within our subtle energy system is a grounding cord. It is a thick cord that extends from our feet (or even our hips) to the earth. It allows us to stay connected with ourselves and centered in our earthly reality. Take a deep breath and see, hear, or sense your grounding cord below your feet. Is it thick and strong? Is it healthy or dry and brittle? Does it extend only a few feet into the earth, or does it go all the way to the center of earth’s core? This is your grounding cord, so feel free to imagine it growing deeper and thicker or allow its branches to expand wide under your feet. Feel how much more settled your entire system  is when it can receive the support and anchoring provided by our earth’s energy.

2. Are you present in your body?

If your nervous system is activated or you are hyper focused on mental/analytical tasks, you may need to drop your energy back in to your lower body. Take a few moments to breathe deep and check in with your body. Can you settle more deeply into your hips, legs, and feet? Lean back against your spine. Use your breath to fill your entire physical body with your presence and light. Allow any energy sitting in the head, neck, and shoulders to release to the earth.

3. Have you taken on someone else’s energy?

Are you a strong empath that easily absorbs others’ emotions or physical pain? Holding on to these energies can create anxiety in your body. Take a deep breath and ask that any energy that isn’t yours be lovingly handed back to the correct person, animal, or place. Invite your intuition to hear, see, or sense the energy leave your body and auric field.

4. Have you given away your energy?

How are your boundaries. Is it possible that you’ve allowed your energy to be depleted by leaving it with another? Settle into your body and then gently call back any energy that may have been dispersed to family or friends. Allow your essence to fill back into your body. Feel the sense of wholeness and calm that returns to you.

5. Is it anxiety or excitement?

Anxiety and excitement have very similar physiological reactions in our bodies. Sometimes if we are more accustomed to anxiety, the body can misread the emotion and think excitement is anxiety. This happens most often when we are growing into something new—a new job, promotion, relationship, or even developing a new skill. What happens when you relabel the emotion as excitement? Does that shift your perspective? Do you feel more expansive? Give it a try!

Anxiety doesn’t have to be big and scary. Sometimes we just need a few tricks up our sleeve to better manage the energy! Use these tips as often as you need.

And remember, if you’re unable to get to the root of your anxiety, then feel free to book a session with Ashley so she can help you identify the root cause and provide you with some support to help you shift your anxiety.

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