A Human Design Session Can Heal & Strengthen Your Relationship

Written by Dana Childs

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Did you know there was a session designed to create more connection in your relationship?

A Session with Emily Serenius Designed To Help Your Relationship 

With Valentine’s Day freshly in the rearview, you may have realized you’d like to connect with and know your partner on a deeper level. Guess what? We have just the thing to help you do that!

Emily Serenius, as a member of the Dana Childs Team, offers Human Design readings geared toward helping you and your partner understand each other.

Ready for more connection, romance, and understanding? Book your session here.

1. What will be discussed in a Human Design reading for a couple?

First Emily gathers yours and your partner’s Human Design charts by using your birth information. Then for each partner, she will describe how their energy works, what their gifts are, what are some challenges each may be going through. Throughout the conversation, you’ll start to notice your perception of yourself and your partner will begin to shift and reframe. Emily holds the intention during every session that the conditioning and judgment held about yourself unravel as you explore your Human Design chart together. When this happens for a couple, it makes way for magic.

2. Is there anything my partner and I need to do to prepare for the session?

To prepare for your couples session, Emily asks that you come to the reading with an open mind and an open heart. Feel free to come to the session with any questions you have about your relationship or the dynamics in your partnership. This helps steer the reading in the direction that will be most beneficial to the couple.

3. Do my partner and I both need to be there?

No. You both don’t need to physically be in the session. Emily does ask that you get your partner’s permission to have their chart read during the session.

4. Is there anything you can see in the chart that would make my partner and I not a good match?

Absolutely not. The chart will not tell Emily if you will mesh well with your partner. It will tell her who you are at your essence and who your partner is, and YOU get to decide if that feels good for you or if that does not mesh well with your being.

5. How do I book a reading for my partner and I?

You can book through this link here.

Be sure you have your and your partner’s birth information upon booking. We are excited to work with you!

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