Typically, I’m not one to advocate for romance in the workplace, but a workplace romance is one of the beautiful things that led to my existence.

My granddaddy was a man of few words, yet he spoke volumes through his actions. He met my grandmother while working at the Cotton Mill in Tifton, Georgia. He thought she was beautiful but was far too bashful to ever say this, so he demonstrated his adoration every day by using his break time for her.

On his short daily break, he would walk over to her workstation at the spinner and would hand her a candy bar and a “Co-Cola” which she would cheerfully accept. She would move over to enjoy her snack, and he would sit at her spinner and work so she could enjoy a break meant for him. They didn’t talk. He was too shy.

Yet, he gifted her every day, not only with a paid-for treat, but with his very own free time at work. A man being a provider, and a woman graciously receiving.

This story has a fascinating and interesting end that you’ll be able to read about in a later post, but I just find it incredibly moving and an example of humanity at its best – My granddaddy chose to spend his money and his break time making my grandmother feel happy and loved.

This story makes me reflect on how I sometimes toss away 15 to 30 minutes of my workday in not only a non-productive way, but sometimes while inhabiting a non-loving state of being.

Yet, what came before me is a man who chose not only solid work ethic and productivity, but love. His work was a communication of his love shown by the way he spent his money and the way he spent his time. Love.

This story and this man is a model that I will do my best to live up to. I’m committing myself to spend my “break times” doing something loving – be it for those around me, the world at large, and, at times, myself.

The world can use more love. And clearly my granddaddy has provided for us a small peek into how we can create more love in our workplace and in our everyday. And who knows, a little daily act of love may result for you in a partnership, relationship, or marriage that lasts your lifetime as well.