In response to life, I set out for Sivananda Yoga Ashram in the Bahamas. While there, I bumped into some wisdom.  Helpful, good stuff. So, I’ve boiled it down to some quick quotes so I can share it with you.

There were a couple of these that really rocked my world: All beliefs are limiting and I want to experience what God wants me to experience. Truly. Just breathe those nuggets in. Those two knowings can set you up for a whole different life.

The truth is we can’t be anywhere or experience anything God doesn’t want us to experience – which means we have to be in the right place all the time. All the time. And – All beliefs are limiting. Just wow. I started looking at some of my own beliefs – for example: We should work on our issues to deeply heal and that takes time and energy. BUT – that’s a belief. And that limits me and my world. What if I let that go and allow for instantaneous understanding, change, and healing? Now that’s a world I want to live in. Because that is a miraculous world.

Here are the ABC’s I walked away with. I hope some of them may resonate with you.

All beliefs are limiting. ALL of them.

Be the invisible hand that moves the agenda toward Grace.

Changing someone is not your purpose. Reminding them who they are and loving them fully along the way is a purpose worthy of the Divine.

Deal with what is present rather than what is absent.

Every hand is a hand of God.

From emptiness, you drop into oneness.

God takes whatever form you can relate to.

Happy people aren’t critical or judgmental.

I want to experience what God wants me to experience. I understand that every experience I am having is an experience ordained by Source.

Just have fun! Planet Earth is the Las Vegas of the Universe. Even Gods themselves have incarnated as human and had fun!

Know and accept yourself without judgment.

Live in complete alignment with your own nature.

Moments of truth happen on God’s time.

Nature preserves pure truth. The tree doesn’t grow to please anyone. It grows because that was what it was made to do. Simply do what you were made to do.

Often, yoga postures are done as a way to torque yourself into something lovable. Yet, yoga is ultimately about inner flexibility.

Peel away all that you are not.

Quit messing with yourself. Leave yourself alone. You’re already perfect.

Resolve to not be a “nice” person. Nice people are the most unresolved people on the planet, because they’ll never tell you how they feel.

Stop resisting being you.

To transform the world, you must not fit in. You must be extraordinary.

Ultimate honesty about every aspect of who you are allows your energy to flow as Source.

Vow to know and accept yourself.

We live in an intentional dimension. Be consciously intentional.

Xpress your Divinity uniquely.

You are an infinite ocean of light vibrating at the energy of love.

Zero things in this world are left to chance. For you can be nowhere other than exactly where God wants you to be.