We’re all abuzz with the impending solar eclipse – and rightly so! The energies are potent. Shadows are being pushed to the light. There’s a calling to tend to our inward consciousness. We have a heightened ability to discern between good and evil, and we can feel a Spiritual summons to return to a balanced state of being.

In short, this Eclipse is providing us with the heightened ability to identify and name the darkness within and around us and, by principled action, replace it with light.

Today, I had the honor of witnessing a high-level employee with a well-known international corporation make a business decision that brought light and balance to the workplace.

The really cool thing about it? – It was simple and powerful.

To be fair, most profound decisions – those that define our values and ultimately shape our lives (and those around us) – usually are simple and powerful. Maybe not always easy, but simple and powerful.

So this Boss Woman, because she was a total Boss in the best way, sent out an email to a group of colleagues and moved a meeting that was scheduled for Monday during the eclipse to an earlier time in the day. Because, as she said in the email, why be in a meeting when really, we all want to be watching the eclipse with our families?

In one email, not only did she set a boundary around her time and ask for what she needed, she also defined the values for herself and the culture of the business. Make time for what’s important. Be with your families and loved ones when a once-in-a-lifetime event is occurring.

Balance. Light. Good.

Mining your consciousness. Healing the shadows.

Defining your values.

Simply. Powerfully. Full of integrity.

Now, the only choice question left is do you have your eclipse glasses or do you make your own?