An Intuitive’s Medicine Journey Experience

Written By Dana Childs
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My First Medicine Journey

I explored psychedelics as a way to help me heal physical and emotional trauma. The results have been staggering. So powerful that I was moved to learn to administer and hold healing journeys for those ready to do a deep dive and change their lives.

This is my experience. 

THE WHY: Drugs were never something I was into. Even in high school, if my friends were getting high, they would hide it from me. I had no idea. I was sheltered. Plus, I think we were all afraid of my Dad who was the local assistant principal at my high school. Yeah, not so great for my dating life.

Anyway, let’s fast forward to 2020 when I was diagnosed with CIRS, Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, due to severe mold biotoxin illness. After a couple of years of treatment and a full life change, including a move to a dry climate, my brain and gut were still not communicating well. I had completed the brain rehab program called DNRS and got some relief, but not full relief.

My physician, whom I had grown to infinitely trust, recommended psychedelics as a last resort because she’d heard a podcast about their healing nature. I brushed it off. My symptoms continued. I spoke with another physician who came highly recommended. He recommended five different things. I had already done all of them. He then said, “I think it’s time for you to try psychedelics.”

It was clear I needed to be open to this. 


THE WHAT: When I sat with the recommendation, I could feel the pull and necessity. Almost like the “medicine” started calling to me. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Psychedelics were to be a part of my healing path. I felt the most pulled to mushrooms, psilocybin. And I started the search to find the right practitioner who could not only administer the medicine but could also hold a deeply healing space.

Every potential practitioner I spoke with recommended MDMA (ecstasy) as a medicine to start with because it opens the heart and is an easier medicine to help process trauma rather than mushrooms which can sometimes feel a bit heavier. I felt nervous, but there was one practitioner that I spoke with, and I knew she was the right person. I could feel it, and I felt my body relax when I thought of doing a medicine journey with her holding the sacred space. I scheduled the medicine journey and started paying attention to the triggers that came up in the interim as well as how my nervous system responded to certain people and situations.


THE EXPERIENCE: Pure magic. In the days leading up to the experience, I felt a heightened sense of connection with myself and The Divine. My intuitive gifts were on speed dial! I set my intention to heal the deepest traumas that were leading to the mold illness and to reset my gut and brain. When the medicine kicked in, I felt a spaciousness inside of me, caverns to explore. I saw people in my life and had instant knowings about them. I knew why I was in relationship to each person and what the lessons and karma entailed. I saw myself in my mother’s womb and could foresee the events that lay before me in the human body. I saw traumas that I agreed to before coming to Earth, and I had an acceptance of some horrific events that occurred when I was young. My mind grasped the lesson the mold was trying to teach me — all about owning my own power and taking up space in my life, filling my body with my own energy rather than taking on the energy of others’ that needed healing. The practitioner was there to meet my needs and to take notes of all the connections I was mentally making. I cried from loss, and I cried from joy. After the five-to-six-hour journey through my psyche, I landed back in my body with tight jaws and a full heart. I felt more relaxed than I’d felt in years. I had a deep sense of trust in the process of my life. I immediately booked my next journey for six weeks later and took the next day to rest and recover in silence and nature.


THE OUTCOME: After the second journey, I was aware of a noticeable difference in my nervous system. My mold symptoms began calming, and my body started to heal. I felt trusting of the direction of my life, and all I’d been through. I experienced positive shifts in relationships with friends where I felt more cleanly connected—less codependent, less fearful, more open, vulnerable, and honest. The journeys allowed me to understand the connections and pain I’d experienced, why some had to fall away, and why others were meant to remain. Journeying is one of the single best things I have ever done for myself. The healing on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels was noticeable and profound. It was like coming home to myself. And I knew that this was something I was meant to offer to others.


THE OFFERING: Working with the medicines of MDMA and psilocybin offers a life-changing experience. It’s not a fit for everyone, especially those with diagnosed mental disorders like bipolar, borderline, other personality disorders, or severe depression. It’s a powerful 3-day experience that includes an in-person intake session, a day of journey work, and a post-journey integration session. It is an investment of time and a deep commitment to healing on your behalf. If you have questions about the offering and would like to see if working with me in this capacity could be a fit for you, feel free to schedule a brief 15-minute complimentary phone consult (I’ll be offering a select few of these each month) where you can learn the details and see if this could be what you’re looking for. Here’s the link.

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