As an empath, you know what others are feeling. You know when they’re happy, sad, angry, or hurt.

You don’t just recognize their emotion, you FEEL it. As if it were your own.

You most likely also feel others’ expectations, wants, and desires. And of course you want everyone to be happy, right?

You probably already know this, but it’s draining. And hard on your body too!

If they don’t feel good, you don’t feel good. And because you feel it all, you’re highly motivated to help them feel good.

So you end up fulfilling everyone’s needs, being everyone’s best friend, and listening to everyone’s tales of woe. If you’re honest with yourself, you also often end up feeling tired, overburdened, and maybe even under-appreciated.

Want to know how to not feel obligated to everyone and protect yourself from their feelings and energy – all while making them feel acknowledged and loved?

It’s easy.

Bring to mind your favorite live plant. It can be a houseplant, a tree, a beautiful bouquet in a floral shop. Maybe it’s a bamboo forest, or a bright, blooming azalea.

Some of the plants I use in my repertoire are long-stem roses with thorns, huge oak trees, and live, evergreen shrubs. All of these plants make me feel safe.

Imagine the plant that makes you feel safe all around you, filling up your energy field.

Ta-Da! You have an active, living shield. No unwanted or yucky energy is getting through there.

Trees and plants love to help us by absorbing energy that isn’t helpful for us. Let them! (And yes! Keep a real, tangible, live plant on your desk or in your office and ask that it absorb and transform the icky energy for you. It will!)

Here’s the best part: you can use these plants to energetically acknowledge others.

When you feel people pulling on you, wanting from you, waiting for you to meet their expectations, remember most people and needs simply need to be acknowledged. Not necessarily met.

So imagine giving them a gift of your live plant. Yup. Literally imagine it.

Send it right to their energy field. Energy follows intention.

Since we are all feeling energy all the time, even if we aren’t conscious of it, they’ll feel the love you sent. You’ll feel good. It’s a win-win.

After gifting a plant from your auric field, replenish. And replant your garden anytime you want.

Trust me, it makes a difference!