Being an Empath

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Eight years old.

Standing on the screened-in porch on a warm day.

My dad pulls up in the dusty driveway and saunters onto the back porch.

I hop out of the swing to hug him, and as I walk across the brick floor toward him, I notice he has a gash on his forehead.

I look at his forehead, and my body does this weird, inside-out thing. I feel it start in my stomach and push quickly to my heart, and I have the sudden urge to cry.

It must register on my face, because Dad softens his face and says, “It’s ok baby. It doesn’t hurt.”

It’s my first clear memory of being an empath. It’s a memory that remains so clear in my mind I can reach out and touch it, breathe it in as if it happened just this morning.

Of course, I didn’t know what was happening at the moment.

Although as time has passed, I’ve learned to recognize that inside-out feeling and know that what I’m picking up on belongs to someone else.

At the tender age of eight, what I knew was how much I loved my dad.

Buddy Childs (Dad) is a fascinating man. A hardcore football coach, a Vietnam veteran, and an empath! Until I started learning more about my own intuitive gifts, I never connected that he was one – even though in hindsight it’s pretty clear.

After all, when my mom was pregnant with my sister, Dad had the food cravings – chocolate covered raisins to be exact. And – get this – he had the morning sickness when my mom was pregnant with me! Yup, he felt sick and threw up every morning, and my mom felt fine!

In fact, years later when my sister was pregnant, she called mom to get help with the morning sickness, and mom had to hand the phone to Dad since he was the one who had experienced it!

You see, when we love someone, it’s super easy to connect in and pick up their energy. This includes their physical issues and their emotional ones too!

If you think you might be an empath and want to learn more about your Empathic gifts, check out Empowered Empath, my online video training course. I created it with lots of love and shoved it full of helpful, weird, and practical information.

Go on, open your gifts.

After all, the world needs them.

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