It’s easy to settle for less than you deserve when you don’t feel worthy. If you haven’t explored your self-worth, then you don’t know what you’re about. When you don’t know what you’re about, then it’s easy for other people to tell you and for you to believe them. Before you know it, you’ll be showing up in your life holding to values and beliefs that aren’t even yours.

You’ll be living someone else’s life. You’ll most certainly be living a life that makes you feel less than great and wondering why you’re not happy or why certain areas of your life – like your relationship and your job are less than satisfying. I’ll tell you why – because you are settling for less than you deserve due to the fact your self-worth is in the toilet.

What are you doing about it?

It does nothing for you to remain stuck in worthlessness. You’re not serving the world or the people around you by staying small or showing up in this life inauthentic. In fact, you are robbing us. You are depriving the world.

As humans, we respond to the vibrations around us. You staying blinded to your brilliance and shining less brightly means that the people around you are less likely to have enough light to see their own glorious gorgeousness.

And you’re certainly not serving yourself. What is the world losing out on because you are mired down in falsities about yourself and are choosing to be victim to what people around you think about you rather than owning the fuck out of who you are and roaring like a lion about why you came down to this planet?

If you’re dependent on the approval of those around you for validation of self, you are robbing the world of your greatness. Maybe you’re even feeling sad and down a lot of the time too.

Well you know what?

We won’t have it anymore.

We need you. We need you to be you – the different, magical, quirky, weird, socially awkward, too loud, too sensitive, creative person that you were made to be.

So go out there today and look into this world, light yourself up from the inside with Divine truth about who you are, and catch this world on fire.

We. Need. You.