Connecting Mind, Body and Spirit through Acutonics®

Written By Nicole Broadus
CERTIFIED ACUTONICS® PRACTITIONER While attending an energy medicine retreat in Asheville, NC, Nicole experienced Acutonics® (sound healing), and it called to her. Now a level 10 Acutonics® practitioner, Nicole merges her sound healing with her intuitive gifts to create a divine healing experience. LEARN MORE

Connection & Acutonics. How Are They Related?

 Connection between your mind, body, and spirit is important. If you don’t keep a balance between all three, you may feel out of alignment, disconnected, anxious, and stressed. Not fun!

In an Acutonics® session, the focus is on reconnecting and aligning you to the Earth and the cosmos. I do this with tuning forks tuned to the Ohm frequency. 

In a session, I first always use a tuning fork on the feet that is a powerful point for grounding, connecting with the earth, and rooting your body’s energy downward. It also helps bring a sense of calm if you’re experiencing feelings of restlessness, anxiety, or shock. This point is also useful for alleviating headaches, anxiety, hypertension, diarrhea, and insomnia.

This special Ohm frequency tuning fork helps calm and soothe you, unifying mind, body, and spirit with Earth energy and the cosmos. It aids your ability to create harmony within and to reconnect to all life forms that populate the world. 

If you’re feeling ungrounded, longing to feel connected to yourself or the greater world, or have any of the symptoms mentioned above, it’s time to try out this healing modality. I’d love to help you! You can book a session HERE

If you’re unable to try a session right now, keep on reading! 

Are there other ways to connect to the Earth?

Yes! One effective and easy way is by going for a walk barefoot. Take your shoes off and walk in the grass and dirt; it’s an excellent way to ground yourself. Imagine the vibrations of the Earth traveling up through the soles of your feet and flowing into your body as you walk barefoot. It’s literally science! Electrical charges from the Earth have positive effects on your body!

The next time you are feeling anxious…

Go outside, take off your shoes, and visualize the earth’s energy traveling up your body and calming your nervous system. Also, disconnect from any electronic devices you are using at the moment, and instead, while you are outside, use your ears to listen to the the symphony of Earth, its creatures, and nature.

Ready for the real deal?

Book a session with Nicole! She will provide a session specific to your needs. And let me tell you they are truly life-changing. She was a major help to me when I was in the throes of mold illness. Her work moves the physical and the emotional. Powerful stuff, I’m telling you.  xo, Dana


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