Create Conscious Love: Draw in Your Partner

Written by Dana Childs

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Love. We all want it.

Our innate human desire is to be loved. To be understood in our seeming insanity. To feel held when wracked with pain. To be seen for all that we are and cherished BECAUSE of it.

Over the years, I’ve tried many different ways of calling love in – finding the “right” partner. I’ve learned a lot of things – one of them being the idea of one “right” partner or soulmate is not real life, but a concept created in Hollywood (and you can read more about that HERE). However, one of the more profound learnings for me has been that there are different levels of calling in a mate.

I don’t mean hierarchical levels; I actually don’t think any form of hierarchy really belongs in Spirit. I mean different ways or reasons to focus on calling in a mate. And while there are many reasons – all of them valid – I like to boil them down to three main categories: External, Creative, and Divine.

So, do you want to know how to call in your love?

Below I’ve presented three things to try in each of the three categories. What I’d like you to do is notice how you feel and what your body does when you read each one. As you read the different techniques, allow your mind and heart to be open, and see what resonates in your heart space. You’ll feel the pull to the options that will work best for you given where you are or what you’re looking for. You may feel drawn to more than one. Let your intuition be your guide – without judgment.

I encourage you to think about what kind of relationship you truly want – how you want to connect to your partner. Do you want to connect on the external level? The internal level? Or the Divine level? (My vote is for all three levels!)  Depending on what type of connection you desire, that will be indicative as to where you may want to focus your efforts.

Happy Relationship Creating!

Level 1: External – Quick and easy with a focus on the physical

1. Use new, green sheets on your bed. This simple Feng Shui tip calls in fresh love and new beginnings.

2. Clear out a space for your partner in your closet. A literal, physical space where he or she can place or hang clothing and shoes. This sends a clear message to the Universe that you are making space for your person and you’re ready for him or her to come in and settle down!

3. Have matching lamps or candles on either side of your bed. Turn them on or light them for the same period of time each day while asking for your mate’s path to you to be lit with clarity and love.

Level 2: The Creative – Thoughtful and emotional with a focus on feeling 

1. Take time each day to visualize your desired partner’s physical features. Create his or her story. Imagine his or her past. Play with your imagination. 

2. Write and say powerful affirmations each day to call your partner toward you. This may be an affirmation like “I claim the love that is rightfully mine,” or “I am open to receive true love” or any other number of affirming statements you can create. Be creative!

3. Write a letter to The Universe stating what you want in terms of a partner. Be specific. 

Level 3: The Divine – Utilizing your relationship for maximum personal growth

1. Take stock of how you’ve shown up in your past relationships. Own the shit you’ve done that you wished you hadn’t, and decide how and who you want to be in a relationship moving forward. Claim that new you.

2. Hire a professional (therapist or energy healer) to help you work through any and all insecurities and fears in your way of true partnership. Dig deep. Get real.

3. Feel your heart’s desire for true love and surrender to The Divine to have it show up for you in exactly the package it’s meant to. 


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