When we’re cut off and disconnected from our SELF, we make bad decisions. Yet, as humans, we are all going to be disconnected from ourselves sometimes, and we are all going to make occasional bad decisions. We’ve all been people we’d never thought we’d be, and for many of us, shame is clouding our clarity and healing. If we can clear the shame that we carry from those times, then we can transmute the experience into wisdom and heal our soul at a profound level.

But shame is tricky. When I see and feel it energetically, it looks like a thick, ropy, molasses type of net or cobweb and clings to the parts of us in crucial need of healing and forgiving. We mistakenly view shame as the price we must pay for making a bad decision or committing a regrettable act; thus, we invite it in and hold on to it, hoping that carrying the shame will keep us from making a similar mistake again. Shame is a low-vibrating energy that cuts us off from the vulnerable, tender, aching parts of our youngest self. Shame denies the experience of grace. Shame’s thick web refuses us our basic spiritual right – to love and be loved.

Shame is something we hold for ourselves, but unknowingly we can hold it for other people as well. If we feel responsible or guilty or confused, we can energetically absorb another’s shame. And guess what? We can’t heal it if it isn’t ours.

Ask yourself now – is the shame I’m holding mine? And if it’s not yours, then send it into a dimension where  it can serve the person it belongs to. Release yourself from feeling like you have to heal the other party involved in order to deserve healing for yourself. Watch the shame of someone else fly away from you like a frightened bird. Feel the lightness in your being.

If it is your shame, own it.  Step boldly into it and allow it to disperse. Call in forgiveness, because that’s what you deserve. Forgive yourself. It’s our humanness that allows us to make unhealthy decisions and betray ourselves. It’s our spirituality that allows us to move into self-compassion and wholeness. Release the shame. Transmute the lesson into wisdom. Move into your entirety and integrity.

Prayer/Mantra to help you dissolve shame:

Greater Spirit, Help me to release the shame I carry that is not mine. Please deliver this shame to a dimension where it can serve those to whom it belongs. Help me to own the shame that is mine and wrap it in your divine streams of grace so that it can dissolve, leaving me lighter, forgiven, and whole, with a new body of wisdom at my disposal. Thank you.