Five years ago, I traveled the world alone for a year and a half. Desperately seeking myself, my purpose, my place in this world and a man that would love me. In a moment of aching doubt, I sat down, got quiet, and wrote this letter to myself. I’d like to say I wrote it, but the obvious truth is that it was written for me, through me. And it helped. I hope it helps you too.

Dearest Sweet Dana,

When you are 33 years old, you will give up your belongings, home, car, and dog and travel this world searching.  Wandering.  You will not know where you are going.  You will wonder what you are doing.  You will doubt.  You will stumble.  You will have beautiful moments and moments full of despair.  And you will grow.  You will rise.  You will rediscover all that you are, the power that you hold.  You will meet people that will further your journey, further your growth.  You will meet people from lifetimes back and you will recognize them; some will even recognize you.   India will call to you and you will answer.  Trust your intuition. Trust your heart to lead you to the right place.  It will.  It will lead you to the right place every single time.  Call on help when you need it.  Meditate.  Trust.  This is Your path.  This is the Right path for you.  You will discover the healing powers of the ocean and the drying powers of the desert.  And you will return to Bali.  You always knew you would, didn’t you?  Bali will be your home for a while.  You will know this as soon as you step off of the plane.

travel this world searching camel photo watermarked

You will be looking for love in Bali.  You will be desperately seeking love because you are desperately seeking yourself. You must be patient.  First, you must fully find yourself.  Fully and wholly.   And, you will.  But before you do, there may be a bit of heartache, a bit of doubt.  This is just fine.   Know that you are not in Bali to simply find love; you are there to find your destiny.  And you will.  And wow.  It will be more than you ever hoped for.  Just make sure that you pay attention to what attracts you – to what makes your energy rise.  Follow that sense.  You will long for stability in Bali and this time, you must find this stability in yourself.  And you do.

Before you are embraced into true and divine alignment, you will have some quick and fleeting romances and heartaches. These relationships are quick, deep, and hurtful because you will know the truth of the matter before anything even happens.  You will know that these are blips on your screen of life – fleeting. But, they are necessary as you are being shown that your intuition is to be trusted above all else.  You are coming across past life loves and you know this.  Trust it.  Trust it.  You are being shown that your growth is happening rapidly and you no longer need months or years with these past karmic relationships in order to glean the lessons and move forward.  So, move forward.  Let these guys help you realize who you are, what you want, how best to communicate and how to sustain that integrity that you’ve worked so hard for.  You’re there.  You’ve got it.   Above all else, remember that you are safe and that you are enough.  That’s the lesson here.  You are enough.  So, release them lovingly and move into your wholeness.

You will be pulled to write, to learn healing techniques, to help children in orphanages, to help educate poverty stricken women and provide medical care.  And these are all linked to your destiny.  To your potential.  To you.  Give yourself over to what feels good and pure and right.

Dive in.  Let the ocean wash away the doubt, let the salt float away your fears.  Your life is about to become miraculous.  In fact, it already is.  You are becoming.  And you are divine.

And hey, trust me – your true love will know you when he sees you.  Really, trust me on this.  It will catch you by surprise and be easier than you ever imagined.  And you’ll be so in love, and it will be so, so good.  Better than you ever imagined.  I promise.

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