The Heart Chakra is also known as the gateway chakra. It’s the spiritual passage between the three in-body chakras and the more esoteric, out-of-body chakras.

I like to call this the Love Chakra. Traditionally it’s viewed as green in color and provides our right TO LOVE and be loved as well as to utilize our healing gifts. I actually see it as green and pink. Green representing the high heart that holds unconditional (Divine) love, and pink representing the low heart that holds conditional (human) love.

As the gateway between body and spirit, the heart chakra is the place where we give and receive love, forgiveness, and healing energies. It’s how we connect to the world around us, be it our community, country, the world at large, self, others, or God. If we feel lovable, we create and participate in a supportive community and enjoy a sense of service that brings us fulfillment.

Psychically, the heart chakra holds the gift of healing energy. It is ultimately love that heals all things. We all have the gift of running and channeling healing energy through our hands. All it takes is the willingness to open and practice the gift. The energy that can be channeled through the heart, when aligned with Source, is capable of healing body, mind, and soul.

This, like all gifts, can be honed and developed.

Here are two quick ways to help you tap into your gift of healing energy.

Ball of Energy
Clap your hands together a few times and rub them on one another.
Slowly begin to pull them apart and push them back toward each other until you feel a sort of tension in between your hands.
What you’re feeling between your hands is energy.
Play with the size of this ball of energy and see how large you can make it as well as how tight and powerful.
The more you play with this ball of energy, the stronger your healing energy becomes.

Healing Ball of Light
You can use this exercise to heal elements within yourself (physical or emotional), loved ones, or pets. Before you use it on others, be sure to get their permission. They can be in person or distant. In-person, pets will walk away if they do not wish to receive the energy or if it startles them.

  1. Sit and close your eyes bringing awareness to your heart space.
  2. Acknowledge and honor your spirit, the receiver’s spirit, all others’ (seen and unseen) spirits’, and the Great Spirit.
  3. Form the ball of energy in between your hands. Allow it to strengthen.
  4. If you’re in person, place your hands around (you don’t have to touch the person) the area needing healing on yourself, the person or animal, and send loving thoughts to him/her/it. If distant, imagine the person or animal is between your two hands receiving the love you’re sending.
  5. If you’ve sent love and healing energy to a person, follow up with them and ask them what differences they noticed. If an animal, observe how they may be different.