It happens. It sucks. Fired. Laid off. Run off. It happens. And when it does, it’s painful. Like a break-up, a separation, or a divorce. Because your ego gets pounded. But like a break-up, it’s the best time to do deep soul-searching. There are questions to be asked.

We have to ask questions because otherwise we’ll get busy throwing blame. And blame’s not pretty. Nope. Not at all. Blame keeps your ego inflamed and steals your power. Blame is a power thief. Fuck blame. Blame sucks more than being fired.

So get busy asking yourself the questions that lead you right back to the door of your power:

  • What did I do and how did I show up within this organization that didn’t align with my integrity or the integrity of the company?
  • What was my daily attitude like?
  • Did I build up and add to the team and community or was I busy tearing people and structures apart by back channeling, gossiping and complaining?
  • Was I a good fit for this company? Did my values align with the company’s values?
  • Did I hide, feel invisible, shine?
  • Did I feel supported? Did I give support?
  • Did I belong?
  • Was I secretly or not so secretly longing for a change? Did I want a different job?
  • Was I really happy with what I was doing, who I was doing it with, and who I was doing it for?

Chances are – when you stop blaming and start to dig around in your soul, you’ll see what happened to you was actually just the Universe working FOR you. Because deep down – where your soul snuggles up to your heart and cuddles in with your Spirit (wondering what the difference is – find out HERE), you know that job didn’t make you happy. In the recesses of who you are, you know that you were done there and you were just too scared to make a move. So the Universe did it for you. Because that’s what the Universe does. It supports you. Always.

With every inhale, the Universe is sending you what you need, and with every exhale it’s supporting you to let go of what no longer aligns with you.

Image by Mark Anderson

So that anger that you might feel – that anger could just be you being angry with you because you didn’t honor yourSelf and find a new job when you knew you were in misery. When you can forgive yourself for that, you’ll be able to send a silent thank you to the person who fired you, and a huge hug to the Universe for freeing you from your own fear.


And then? Well, watch out baby because you’re back in your power and the perfect job is either already here or on its way.