The Eleventh Chakra, or command center, is the chakra that connects us to our leadership and supernatural powers. Pink in color, it lies in the palms of our hands and the soles of our feet. It connects to our fascia, the connective tissue that gives structure, supports, and protects our organs  and other tissue. 

Psychically, the eleventh chakra holds the ability to connect to and command natural and supernatural forces. Think stirring up a breeze on a hot day, or quieting down a raging storm. Edging that sun back behind the clouds when you need a break from the heat. When linked up with the heart chakra, it can stir powerful leadership qualities– the kind of leadership that leads masses to change

Here are two quick games to help you open your own gift of commanding as well as strengthening your leadership.

Move the Wind

Stand outside with trees nearby. Imagine that the soles of your feet open wide and reach down into the earth. Lift your hands high over your head or hold them out to your sides and imagine the palms of your hands blowing open to connect to the force field all around you. 

Focus your energy on the energy of a specific tree nearby. If it’s still, see if you can connect and conjure the energy to create leaf movement. If it’s moving, see if you can harness the energy to still its movement. 

You can also practice this in your home with houseplants. 

Leading the Pack

Select an animal to practice this with. It can be a pet or a wild animal (that’s safe or from a distance). Be physically AWAY from the animal. Close your eyes, and connect to it. Feel it and allow it to sense and feel you. 

Open your eyes and imagine how and where you’d like the animal to move. Hold that visual and imagine yourself standing next to the animal. Push or pull the energy field around the animal to get it to move where and how you want it to. 

Practice as much as you need to in order to grow the skill. NOTE: Horses are very good animals to start practicing this with.