Share the Gift of Healing with Someone You Love

Have you ever had a session and thought to yourself, “I know someone who would really benefit from an experience like that.” But maybe they wouldn’t buy it for themselves or maybe they just don’t know a service like this actually exists. Good news! We are now offering gift certificates.  

Gift certificates can be purchased for many services offered at Dana Childs Intuitive including:  

When you’re filling out the gift card information, enter YOUR information. You’ll get an email that allows you to print the gift certificate or email it directly to the person you’re gifting! 

The holidays can be difficult to manage, and while it’s marketed as “the most wonderful time of the year,” the truth is it’s a hard time for many as it exacerbates loneliness, grief, loss, and financial stress. By giving someone the opportunity to attend a session with a healer, you might just give them an opportunity to create some space they didn’t know they needed.

We look forward to seeing you, and the people you love, soon.