Gift Certificates

The Group: Healing for Everyone with Dana Childs $30.00

If you want an energy tune-up, to explore deeper parts of your soul, and learn to connect more deeply to the world around you, then this is for you. In this virtual group healing via Zoom, Dana will tap into what’s needed for your specific group. She will deliver a channeled message and healing energy tailored specifically for the people present. There will also be time for questions and answers. Note that it will NOT be recorded so please plan to attend the live session.


Sound Healing with Nicole (Live Zoom)

Distance sound healing is performed in real-time over Zoom. Based on the intake discovery, Nicole will tailor your sound healing session to address your concerns, needs, and intention. From there, you lay back and relax while Nicole creates the exact sounds to bring your body into balance. You may experience powerful emotions, you may laugh with delight, or you may even drift into a peaceful nap.


Intuitive Energy Session with Tam Burke

This gift certificate entitles the recipient to one intuitive energy healing session delivered by Tam Burke. In an Intuitive energy session, Tam serves as a guide into what is keeping you from peace, joy, and contentment. She connects to your higher self through your energetic body and feels into energies creating blocks or heaviness. She will be your personal ‘spiritual detective’ as you, through dialogue, excavate down to the root of the issue and bring into consciousness what is ready to be seen, healed, loved, or shifted. The energy is shifted through discussion and cleared using guided meditations. The result leaves you more grounded and with clear knowledge about your path forward.


Human Design Chart Reading with Emily Serenius

In a Human Design Chart Reading, Emily breaks down the different aspects of your Human Design chart, highlighting your unique way of operating in this world. In the 50 minutes together, she will describe and amplify the gifts that you came to uncover in this lifetime. She will highlight and discuss the complexity that is you to provide an opportunity for you to align back to your most easeful state of being.