Shrek the sheep – have you heard of him?

This is Shrek. (well, it was – poor Shrek died in 2011.)

He’s a renegade sheep that hid in a cave for six years in order to avoid being shorn. Sounds like a great idea, right? Hiding out from the things we don’t like, avoiding what makes us uncomfortable.

Unfortunately for Shrek, his avoidance adversely impacted his health. His wooly coat began to impair his vision and put him under heat stress along with causing mobility issues. You can read about him HERE. The really cool thing – once he faced his fear of the shears, he gave enough wool for 20 men’s suits!


Why am I writing about Shrek today? Well, he’s certainly cute, and I do love a rebel –but I’m writing about Shrek because he’s a prime example for what happens when we avoid things for a long time. I’ll give you a hint – nothing good.

Avoiding what we don’t like can save us from discomfort for an instant, but ultimately, those things (like the shears) that we avoid will catch up to us and cause us more discomfort because we’ve allowed the issue to remain unresolved and grow in ways that we couldn’t predict. We’ve wasted gobs of energy by worrying about what might happen, could happen, how someone might feel, or how someone might try to make us feel that it clearly would be better to have met the means of our discomfort head on and handled it.

When we face the initial discomfort, we can move through it and thus offer more of who we are to the world – in the form of men’s suits or our own special gifts.

So right now think about that thing that you’ve been avoiding – that phone call, that bill, that emotion or feeling, that person or that conversation – and walk right into it. Handle it and know that you can. Know that confronting it head on is creating a better world for yourself and everyone else around you.

Shrek and I both support you!


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