Work with Dana

In an Intuitive Energy Healing Session, Dana will use her empathic and akashic record reading gifts, clairaudience, clairvoyance, mediumship, medical intuition, and gifts of identifying and moving energy to bring balance to the mind, body, and spirit. She uses dialogue and a connection to your Higher Self and The Divine to help you identify where your body and psyche may be holding emotional, energetic and physical blockages. These are identified, discussed, felt, and processed, and then energy is used to help clear and eliminate limiting and outmoded beliefs and limitations.

Monthly Sessions

Work monthly with Dana to alter your life, health, and open your intuitive gifts (limited to 10 participants). When you commit to intense self-discovery for 10 months, you receive priority scheduling and a discounted rate.

Only 7 Spots Remain!

Emergency Sessions: $650

Sometimes you need help quickly! When available, emergency sessions allow you to access Dana within 7-10 days (or sooner!)  for the support and guidance you need.

Monthly Group Healing: $30

Presented by healers on the Dana Childs Intuitive Team, these monthly virtual group healings explore the world of energy and allow you to be held in meditations designed to heal body and soul. Sessions may include channeled messages, guided meditations, sound healing, energy healings, and more.  Each month you can participate in a healing group led by Dana Childs or one of our talented healers. Note that it will NOT be recorded so please plan to attend the live session.

Open Your Intuition – Mentorship

This intuitive mentorship is an intensive, 10-month course designed to uncover your natural gifts while laying a foundation to heal your own wounds. Each month you will receive teachings that cover the foundations of intuitive development, the chakra system, and self-healing, as well as training and practice for specific intuitive skills such as mediumship, energy healing, empathy, clairvoyance, connecting with spirit guides and angels, and more.

Free ClassFeeling Stagnant?

This healing class targets what may be slowing down your transformation (hint: grief and loss) and provides the energy you need to move forward.

* NOTE: Sensitive language.

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