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Written By Leslie Christy
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5 Ways to Balance Your Energy Centers 

Do you ever feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster? Do you ever feel tired, overwhelmed, and energetically drained? Do you have racing thoughts or struggle to focus?

It could be that you’re out of balance. Maybe you’re running too much energy through your system or perhaps you need to add some movement to rev up. The good news is you already have everything you need to reset and come back to alignment.

When I feel out of alignment,  I love to look at the energy centers on my Human Design Chart. You can find your free Human Design Chart here.

The energy centers are the colored and white shapes on your chart. If the energy center is colored, it means you typically have consistent reliable energy in these centers, but sometimes you can have too much energy running through them which can cause you to feel off balance. If you have white energy centers that’s where your energy can fluctuate, and you feel the energy from people around you. Sometimes those energy centers can feel overwhelming, leading to exhaustion and feeling imbalanced.

To feel more alignment and in flow, it can be healthy to clear out old narratives, energy, and stagnation that can build up in your energy field.

Through the lens of Human Design, each energy center has different superpowers and challenges that can be expressed based on your energetic alignment.

Here is a brief breakdown that gives a sample of what each energy center holds. 

Head Center – This energy center is where you tap into inspiration, mental pressure, confusion, questions, and doubt.

Ajna Center – This energy center is for mental awareness, thoughts, answers, opinions, and insights.

Throat Center – This energy center is where you tap into communication, expression, and manifestation.

Identity/G Center – This energy center is where you tap into love, direction, and identity.

HeadHeart/Ego Center – This energy center is where you connect with willpower, self-worth, ego, and the material world.

Solar Plexus – This energy center is where you connect with your emotions, feelings, and nervous system.

Sacral Center – This is the place of life force energy, an energetic motor, and the place of response.

Spleen Center – This is the energy center connected to intuition, survival, gut instinct, well-being, immune system, and fear.

Root Center – This is the place where you tap into drive, ambition, stress, adrenaline, and worry.


Here are five of my favorite ways to clear and balance these energy centers. There are many tools and healing modalities that can help you step into better alignment. I always encourage clients to focus on healing tools and modalities that they feel called to and follow their inner guidance for best results.

1. Build awareness of why you feel out of balance. You can ask for Source, your spirit guides, or your higher self to support you as you get curious and explore your energy, emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Ask why you are feeling off balance and be open to what comes up for you. Once you have more awareness about why you are feeling out of balance, you can tap into aligning in a way that feels supportive to you.

2. Make time for yourself. When we are healing and releasing what no longer serves us, it’s super important to give yourself grace and honor your “me” time. This can look like taking five minutes to sit in the sunlight in the morning and taking deep breaths. It looks like having a consistent journaling practice, or even making time to eat nourishing foods to soothe your body.

3. Take time to disconnect from your busy world and be present in the moment. This may be putting your phone down and simply being. It could be a breathwork class, listening to a sound bath, or sitting in meditation.

4. Ask yourself where you would like healthy boundaries to support you as you move forward. As you honor and communicate boundaries, give yourself lots of grace, love, and self-care.

5. Get your energy moving in a way that feels healthy and nourishing to you. This could look like taking a walk, going on a hike or bike ride, attending a Qigong or yoga class, or going for a swim. It could also look like connecting with a friend, going to your favorite energy healer, or listening to music that you love.


Need some extra guidance?

Book a session with me here. We can go over your chart in detail and I can tell you even more specific ways for you to personally balance your energy centers. 

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