Heal Your Financial Blocks

Written by Dana Childs

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Financial Responsibility.

Such an adult phrase, isn’t it?

And, like many things, financial health is an area in which I witness many clients experiencing blocks.

Are you experiencing a block to your flow and management of money?

Would you be surprised if I said that your lack of financial responsibility is an emotional problem? Maybe even a spiritual one?

If your intuition is niggling at you to create a budget, spend less, or create a healthier spending and savings plan for yourself (and ESPECIALLY if you’re resisting it), READ THIS POST!

Intuition is a funny thing. We all want it, but when we have it, we often deny what it’s telling us. Your intuition isn’t always going to tell you what you want to hear. It doesn’t work that way.

When in financial scarcity, your intuitive self will likely give you messages or promptings that lead you away from overspending, frivolous, or unnecessary purchases. Your intuitive self is in the present moment, and if you’re an adult, then your intuitive self is appealing to your adult self.

How are you in your own way?

BUT, you (and your actions around spending) can be driven or motivated by your wounded child if you’re not careful. Wounds always seek to be healed, be they physical or emotional, new or old. And even though the adult you may recognize it’s time for a budget or a savings plan, if there’s a wounded, younger part of you throwing a fit because your needs weren’t met as a child or the only way you were shown love was by getting something that costs money, then the moment you sense the word budget or cutbacks, your child self will throw a fit and refuse to follow the guidance.

To avoid feeling deprived, disappointed, or lesser than, you’re suddenly on a spending frenzy while actively ignoring your dwindling bank account or growing credit card bill. After all, your inner child is screaming that you’ll be in real danger if you slow your spending or refuse to splurge on that new expensive makeup or trip all our friends are raving about. By all means, you don’t want to be left out! And your adult (along with your intuition) is hiding out somewhere refusing to look at what’s going on and definitely ignoring your money situation.

Before you know it, your inner child (with all her emotional wounds intact) is running the show. YIKES! That’s a recipe that can send you to the poorhouse fast. I mean, would you trust your 6, 7, or 8-year-old with the family bills and income? You wouldn’t. Know why? Because you’d end up with a bunch of stuffed unicorns, lollipops, a few puppies, and have no running water or electricity. (Not that I’d complain about a bunch of puppies!)

How do you keep from feeling like a failure with money management?

First, you’re going to need to shake the shame that comes with feeling “bad with money.” Some people are great at things, others don’t have the same skills. Look at money management as a skill. IT CAN BE LEARNED! There’s no shame in not having the skill. Shake the shame and ask for assistance.

No, seriously – ask for help. Be it a financial planner, a relative or friend, a local banker, or even Google (there are so many helpful websites!).  Get the basics. Gathering information is a powerful tool.

Then, put your adult in charge. Do that by looking back in your past and healing those times you felt you had to do without, your needs and wants weren’t heard or honored, or you had the experience of feeling most loved when you received gifts or money. How do you do that? Call up the experience, then feel the feelings that it brings up, and honor them. Yes, it can be that simple. Although you can also see a therapist or counselor, an energy healer, or talk it out with a friend.

Heal that shit so that your adult can be in charge of your finances.

To recap, here are your healing steps:

1.    Drop the shame.

2.    Get some help.

3.    Gather the info.

4.    Heal the child (your old wounds).

Be a “great-with-money” adult and rock the shit out of financial health!

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