Healer Tam Burke Explains Your Pain is Your Healing Power

Written by Dana Childs

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What if the greatest pain you’ve felt is your key to helping others heal?

Contributed by: Tam Burke

That’s right. All that pain and all those wounds. .. they have a purpose. You see, once you work through your own “stuff,” you have wisdom and healing gifts to offer others.

In a more yogic tradition we see this related to what is called your dharma and karma. 

This roughly means that what you are here to work on in this incarnation (karma), if mastered or overcome, is the gift you are able to offer to the world (dharma).

Committing to your own healing work and overcoming your personal wounds are the key to getting you ready to be the healer you are!

Personally, I think this is a powerful concept. If I am seeking counsel from someone whose aim is to try and help me heal a wound, I’d like to work with someone who has experienced something similar. Someone who has felt the nuances of grief, loss, pain, and trauma. Someone who doesn’t just have compassion or empathy for what I am facing but has real life experience in that same area.

I used to have the idea that healers are somehow more magical or more healed than most. That they somehow have bypassed all the challenges and struggles that the rest of us “ordinary” people regularly experience.

Now I realize that this perception is tremendously hurtful because it creates a huge disparity between those who we deem “qualified” to be healers and those who we think aren’t. And that then separates us from being a healer ourselves, when it is the addressing and healing of our own wounds that offers us the most wisdom to share.

Healing is alchemical.

Traditionally, the practice of alchemy has been defined as transmuting base metals like lead or copper into silver or gold. What if alchemy in today’s modern world is related to emotion instead? What if healing our wounds is today’s alchemy?

We are not broken. We are healing.

And the healing isn’t just for us. It deeply benefits everyone around us.

Transmuting and healing your trauma completely changes the energetic vibration of that core wounding itself. And the ripple effect is healing for everyone involved in that same pattern of trauma.

If you’re ready to transmute what has you feeling stuck, feel free to book a session with me today and let me help you see all the magic that already exists within you BECAUSE OF your shadow, not despite it.

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