Healing Awaits You in O’ahu, Hawaii

Written by Dana Childs

Dana has been described as “non-definable” due to her immense gifts. Her work has been sought out and praised by actress and Goop founder, Gwyneth Paltrow, as well as a host of famed actresses, Grammy award winners, dancers, and talk show hosts. LEARN MORE

Don’t Make My Grandfather’s Mistake! Join Me In Hawaii.

I cried when the floral company called to tell me they couldn’t find any hibiscus to put in my Granddaddy’s funeral arrangement. I was desperately trying to bring him Hawaii, even in death. Not going to Hawaii was his big regret.

Granddaddy spent the last year of his life in a nursing home being fawned over by giddy, grinning white-haired women that plied him with little stuffed animals and fought over who got to fill out his Bingo card.

While going to visit him one day, I asked my dad what he needed so that I could bring it.

“I always ask him what he needs,” my Dad says, “and he always says, ‘A ticket to Hawaii.’”

“That’s odd. Didn’t he and Granny go to Hawaii a long time ago?”

“Your Granny did, but he didn’t. He didn’t want to fly. He was scared. And he didn’t want to take time off work either. He regrets it.”

My Grandfather was asking for something no one could give him—a chance to go back to the past and do it differently. A chance to share a memory with his wife. A chance to explore and enjoy the beauty of the world.

Our worlds get so busy. We think, “I’ll do that next year or next time. I’ll call that friend when I’m not so busy. I’ll take my dog or child on a hike when I don’t have so much work piled up.”

But our time to explore, to heal, to connect, and to LIVE – it’s now. It’s not waiting. Opportunities don’t always knock twice.

So when The Four Seasons O’ahu asked me about doing a retreat in their captivating space, I immediately said yes.

Hawaii holds an energy that brings us face to face with our ancestors and our past, and it awakens within us the knowing that we can heal and change.

I’m thrilled about joining with a local native Hawaiian healer, Pi’iali’I, to bring forth some energies designed to take you all the way into the depths of yourself for some powerful change.

I know I’ll connect with my Grandfather’s spirit there. And I’m hoping I can also connect with yours. It’s time for some healing.

Come to Hawaii with me and do just that.

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Free ClassFeeling Stagnant?

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* NOTE: Sensitive language.

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