Healing With Sound Frequency: Acutonics®

Written By Nicole Broadus
CERTIFIED ACUTONICS® PRACTITIONER While attending an energy medicine retreat in Asheville, NC, Nicole experienced Acutonics® (sound healing), and it called to her. Now a level 10 Acutonics® practitioner, Nicole merges her sound healing with her intuitive gifts to create a divine healing experience. LEARN MORE


Sound healing is on the rise.

Ok, let me be honest. Sound healing is gaining in popularity. Especially the sound baths where you relax and a practitioner plays beautiful bowls and chimes to create relaxing sound. Here’s the thing: I, Nicole Broadus, work with sound in a way you may not have heard of. 

How does Acutonics® differ from a sound bath?

Instead of sound bowls that create baths, I use tuning forks, planetary chimes, and gongs tuned to the celestial frequency of the sun, moon, and planets! You literally get the energy of all the planets around you. Even more powerful. These frequencies work in the same way needles do on acupuncture points. The vibration from the sound created travels along the energy pathways in your body to stimulate and balance your energy field. Essentially, we use sound frequency to heal.

What makes it so special and unique?

Acutonics® is rooted in Chinese Medicine and focuses on identifying and treating the root cause of a person’s pain, discomfort, or disease. Instead of needles, like acupuncture, I apply the appropriate sound interval to the point to alleviate the discomfort, move and release stagnant energy, or bring in the energy needed. Think of it like weeding a garden: if you don’t pull out the root, the weeds grow back.

How does it work?

Long ago, Chinese Medicine mapped out the “waterways” of the body that energy travels through, called meridians—sort of like energy highways.  Sound travels in water four times faster than in air. With our bodies being made up of over 70% water, they make a perfect resonator for sound.

A client came to me with back pain.

This type of sound healing is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach. It’s individualized for the person through an intake process. For example, someone recently came to me who awoke with unexplained back pain. She could barely bend over. During the new client intake discussion, I learned that she was in the process of moving. After ruling out physical injury, it became clear to me that her back pain was due to feeling a lack of support during the move. Through conversation, I learned that her family refused to help her move because they didn’t support her choice. Therefore the intake process was crucial to set us up for success.

Did she heal?

She called me the day after her session and said she had a huge emotional release. She was surprised that so much repressed grief came out with her tears. She reported her back pain was completely gone and she felt like a huge weight had lifted off her chest. 

What are you ready to heal?

Maybe you have a similar situation–an unexplained ailment or strong emotions that bubble up. That’s where I come in and we figure out the underlying cause together. Let’s have a session together so we can clear out those blockages once and for all.

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