We ARE intuitive beings. We are meant to be. Our lives are supposed to be led by our intuition. More and more of us are embracing our sensory oriented selves, but there’s a pattern I’m noticing that’s worth breaking down: I can be intuitive in my personal life, but I need to put that aside in my work life.

WHAT?! I was taught as a teacher to never say “That’s wrong!” or “You’re wrong,” but come on now. This just isn’t right. Our intuition is a part of us and we are meant to show up in careers and jobs as our WHOLE selves.

So, here are three quick, silly ways you can “work” your intuition at work.

1. Dress for Success

I love this one because the feedback is clear. When you’re getting dressed in the morning, simply allow yourself to be “pulled toward” items of clothing. Don’t think, just feel. Allow. Throughout your day, pay attention to who you’ve dressed like – it may be the same color scheme or the same textures, sometimes even the exact same outfit. It’s fun to see who your energy was resonating with! However, if you realize that you dressed like your five-year-old, it may be better to target a specific person within your work-world or life that you admire and try to “feel” that person as you dress. It’s a way to make it more focused and to hone your intuition even more. Although dressing like a five-year-old is fun because it’s so freeing!



2. How Many Emails

Before you even open your email mailbox, guess how many unread emails you have waiting on you. This exercise can add a sense of fun to replace the sense of dread that so many of us may get when we check our inboxes. To make it even more challenging, you can guess how many of those will need responses and how many are junk.


3. Scheduling

Some of us work by appointment and some of us work in an office with calendars full of meetings. So take a look at your week and see if you can get a feel for the following:

Will any of the appointments or meetings be cancelled? Which meetings or appointments will be productive? Which will be enjoyable? Which may be uncomfortable? (Remember not to use logic – ONLY your gut!)

Our intuition is to be used all the time. These are three simple ways to do little check-ins with yourself just to hone it. Intuition is a muscle – the more you use it, the stronger it gets!