How to tap into your Superpowers with Human Design

Written By Leslie Christy
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Three Superpowers of Each Human Design Energy Type


Human Design is a system that helps us understand our essence and functions as a guide for self-exploration and empowerment. When I look at someone’s human design chart, it’s like your chart lights up and I can see your superpowers, where you may feel resistance, the specific way your energy interacts with the world, your purpose and so much more. Human Design uses your birthdate, time, and location to create your personal energetic map.

If you have access to your birth information, you can pull your own Human Design chart for free here.

In sessions I find that everyone has superpowers and that they often come so naturally to you that you may not recognize your unique gifts.

One of the best places to identify your superpowers is by identifying your Human Design type.  Go ahead and pull your chart now, determine your type, and I’ll walk you through your special powers below!


Manifestor’s 3 Superpowers

  1. You are a role model, have self-leadership, and can inspire others by being exactly who you already are. You have a powerful impact on the world around you.
  2. You can see the future in a unique way. You have the courage to walk a new path, stand in your authenticity, try something new, and show the world what’s possible.
  3. You can initiate and bring new ideas, movements, and ways of doing things into the world.

As a Manifestor, how do you tap into your Superpowers?

You are impacting those around you just by being you! It’s not about what you do, it’s about who you are naturally. Your energy inspires others to be authentic, bold, and fully expressed, so you can have the powerful impact you’re meant to. Become aware of and step into your inner power.


Generator’s 3 Superpowers

  1. When you are following your joy, your warm energy is abundant which means you energize the world around you. Your sparkly energy impacts others in an amazing way when you are lit up!
  2. You help move the world forward by building the foundation for everyone to thrive. You are a metaphorical bridge builder for society. When you are lit up about something, you are magnificent at what you do. You are naturally led to where you can contribute your masterful talents by following what lights you up.
  3. Your ability to tune into vocal vibrations, your body, and intuition to guide you is a superpower. Your gut feelings are your cues to your alignment.

As a Generator, how do you tap into your Superpowers?

You create the most value for the world when you follow what lights you up. When you are lit up and on fire about something, that’s when you know you’re on the path meant for you. If you are feeling frustrated, it’s time to look at how much time you are spending doing things that drain you, even if you are good at them. Cutting out what no longer lights you up, makes space for what does.


Manifesting Generator’s 3 Superpowers

  1. You have delightfully expansive energy that supercharges everyone around you.
  2. You thrive when living life outside of the box. You are a genius and shine bright when you allow yourself to follow what lights you up and gives you energy.
  3. You are lightning fast when you are lit up and easily see the fastest way to make something happen. With this, if an idea calls to you, you can bring it to life quickly.

As a Manifesting Generator, how do you tap into your Superpowers?

You thrive when you have the freedom to pursue different passions. You are meant to follow what lights you up. The key to experiencing all that is meant for you and sharing your gifts with the world is in letting go of commitments that no longer serve you so you can follow what lights you up. You have a strong connection to your gut feelings and intuition so follow your intuitive hits.


Projector’s 3 Superpowers

  1. Your ability to be a wise guide, to teach, and lead others. You call in the people you are here to share your innovative and transformative perspective with just by being you! You see into people in a deeply impactful way and intuitively know what to share so they can step into their potential.
  2. You learn quickly and accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. You are insightful and intuitive.
  3. You see others and situations from a bird’s-eye perspective which helps you ask the right questions to help others recognize their truth.

As a Projector, how do you tap into your Superpowers?

You are meant to thrive by valuing your unique gifts, allowing in support, and walking a path of ease. You work quickly so allow yourself extra time for self-care and rest so you can feel replenished. This will call in the right people and opportunities for you. You are on your own unique path so trust your intuition. Trust that putting yourself out there, exactly as you are, will allow people to see you and magnetize the right invitations to you.


Reflector’s 3 Superpowers 

  1. Your ability to reflect the truth. You have gifts of empathy and are able to sense what others might not be aware of. Because of this, you are able to share powerful messages about your observations.
  2. You don’t hold on to others’ energy. You naturally clear it by allowing yourself to rest.
  3. You have the ability to see potential all around you. You can sense a path forward and know what needs to change to improve the world around you.

As a Reflector, how do you tap into your Superpowers?

Allow yourself to be unique, rare, and different. Trust that the right opportunities give you space to share your powerful perspective and unique way of seeing things. Allow time and space to feel into decisions so you can thrive.


Need help to answer some of these questions?

Book a session with Leslie! She will go through your chart and design type in detail so you can easily apply it to your life. Her sessions are certainly magical. 

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