How Your Intuition is Working For You

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Your Intuition Is Speaking To You

Contributed by: Tam Burke

How to learn to understand what your intuition is telling you.

You are intuitive. In this article, you will learn how your intuition may already be working for you. Are you familiar with ‘the Clairs’? Below is how we refer to the ways we receive our intuition’s messages:

The Clairs:

    • Clairaudience “Clear Hearing”
    • Clairvoyance “Clear Seeing”
    • Claircognizance “Clear Knowing”
    • Clairsentience “Clear Feeling”

Most of us have a natural way to receive messages from our intuition, and the more we connect with our intuitive messaging, the more information we will get. We also can develop the other Clairs. Remember intuition is like a muscle, the more we work and develop it, the more readily available it is.


Our intuition speaks directly to us.

Just like you have inside jokes or unique ways of conversing with those closest to you, your intuition has a distinct way of communicating with you. Sometimes we might not realize this until we see it in hindsight.


So, how do we bring more of our subconscious intuitive messages into clarity?

Writing. Yep. It can be as simple as that! Writing things down is a super magical way to bring an esoteric experience into 3D reality. When we write down subconscious experiences made conscious, we invite more of them to happen. Writing things down can serve as a little prayer to the universe that says, “I am ready to open to the messaging that is already happening.”

If you start writing things down you may realize, through hindsight, how often you are getting intuitive messages. The more you catalog, the more you might start to recognize your intuition.

The Dana Childs Intuitive Team can help you receive these messages.

There is no better feeling than knowing that everything you need already exists within you. Book a session with one of our talented healers today and see how your intuition is trying to speak to you.

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