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How To Get Started

You’re ready to make some changes to step more into alignment, and your favorite podcast recommends you dive into Human Design.

You enter your birth information only to be provided a visual map of lines, numbers, colors, planets, and shapes. What does it all mean?

I’ve been there. When I first learned of the Human Design system — a modality that’s part spiritual and part science — I felt hungry for more, but was unclear where to begin. A good Human Design reader will pull out the most significant parts of your chart and illuminate where to lean in.

Let me help you by sharing what I look for first in a chart.



This is likely the first thing you will learn about your chart. There are 5 energy types and each shows how your energy is meant to be used optimally to bring in more opportunity, synchronicity, and alignment. This usually illuminates a lot of ‘ooh, that’s why I do things this way’ or ‘aah…that’s why that thing didn’t work for me’. What it can give you is permission to let go of what is not in alignment and double down on your natural flow and gifts. Learning my energy type and the strategy of how to work with the energy has given me so much more self-love, permission, and freedom. And it’s fun. I recommend you spend some time here and really start to see how it plays out in your life even if it’s the only thing you learn about your chart.



Your authority in your chart is your unique inner wisdom and intuition. This is your decision-maker, and tapping into this means aligning with your authentic compass. This means building trust in yourself which is the secret sauce no matter what modality you subscribe to! This can range from having a gut knowing of if something is aligned with you or not, or that you are someone who needs to talk things out loud and hear yourself to intuitively then know what’s right for you. There are multiple kinds of authorities, so find yours and spend some time playing with it in small steps.



There are 9 Energy Centers in the human design chart and each one has a different theme (emotion, identity, intuition, etc.). Learning what the theme of each center is, and then identifying if you are broadcasting out more consistent energy there to those around you (when the center is colored in), or if you are taking in more energy from others in these themes (when the center is not colored in) can give you so much incredible information to work with.



Don’t let information overload be an excuse not to move forward. What I’ve learned with my clients and through my own experience is that it’s all about leaning into just one or two significant gifts in your chart in every area of your life, and you WILL start to see big changes.

Whether you choose to dive in on your own or with the guidance of a Human Design expert, the decision can be so empowering.

If you’d like to dig a little deeper into some of these topics in a session, you can book that here.

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