I try to keep my life as normal as possible – hold a Monday through Friday work schedule, keep a low profile around what I do, and try to have a normalized dinner-together kind of family life as well. But recently Mark, my man, asked what I did at work and my answer was “I had a heroin overdose; a stroke; I was hit by a car while riding a bicycle; and I had cancer that started in my breasts and spread all over my body.”

What I do isn’t the norm for most people and when I try to explain it, I realize how crazy it sounds! There are lots of mediums who connect with spirits who have crossed over, and mediumship is gaining lots of popularity these days easily seen with the rush of television shows currently on the air. But each medium works a little differently.

The goal of mediumship is to validate that the Spirit continues after death. A medium does this by providing detailed proof that he/she is communicating with a specific spirit. Some mediums are able to provide names and relationships of the deceased. Some provide detailed descriptions of physical appearance or relay specific memories. Me? Well, I’ve always liked to do things the hard way…I provide proof of who I’m speaking with by identifying – through my own bodily experience –  how the person died. That’s right – I get the physical symptoms of a person’s death.

I’ve had a drug overdose by pills that made me sleepy and spacy. I’ve been on a morphine drip for pain and died in a hospital bed incapacitated by pancreatic cancer. I’ve driven off a cliff while texting and looking at my phone. I’ve been shot. I’ve had a heart attack behind the wheel of a car and smashed into a tree. I’ve died in my sleep of a stroke. I’ve seizured to death from a heroin overdose. I’ve died with a rope around my neck strapped to a ceiling fixture. I’ve drown in the Mississippi River because I smashed my head on the bottom when I dove in the water.

I’ve also died while holding the hands of people I loved and who loved me back. I’ve died in the arms of those I cherish. I’ve died while peacefully drifting over to the Other Side with barely noticing it. I’ve heard choirs of angels sing when I entered the space of Divine Source and Unconditional Love. I’ve felt my heart open and experience a sort of forgiveness and love that is utterly indescribable in the words we have available to us as humans.

Life as a medium can be odd. Let’s face it, dying multiple times per day and having your feet tickled by the dead who are excited that you’re “reading” their granddaughter or daughter the next day is not normal. But I wouldn’t trade this for anything!  The emotional healing and spiritual shifts that can come from recognizing we, as living beings, are simply energy that can not be destroyed is powerful.

These days I wake up not just excited to live, but excited to see how I am going to die today and how that death helps to heal a person sitting across from me.

As Walt Whitman says: “I am not contain’d between my hat and my boots.” Our souls are bigger. Our spirits eternal. And those we’ve lost that we love and miss – they are never far. Always within reach waiting for us to listen.