Intuition in Your Human Design Chart

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What is Human Design? 

Contributed by: Emily Serenius

Human Design is a system that helps us understand who we are, who we came to be, what parts of ourselves we are here to work on, what parts of ourselves we are here to grow and everything in-between. When I look at someone’s human design chart, it feels like looking into the portal of someone’s Spirit. It shows me your gifts, your fears, your specific way of operating in this world. 

Your Human Design chart can be a great place to see some of your natural intuitive abilities. As a disclaimer, you may have any and all intuitive abilities so this information does not need to be the only or final answer as to which abilities are present within you. This is just a starting place to see which intuitive gifts may come easier than others.

If you have access to your exact time of birth, you can pull your own Human Design chart. My favorite resource is – enter in your date of birth, exact time of birth and place of birth to pull your chart.

Below are three areas in your chart that will give you incredible insight into your own intuition.  

Defined Spleen Center

The first place I look in a chart when searching for intuitive abilities is the Spleen center. It is the triangle on the far left of the chart. If your spleen center is colored in or “defined”, then you are someone who consistently gets their intuitive information through “pings” or hits of information. These pings come to you as a sign of protection or warning to help guide and navigate you through your current situation. These pings can be subtle at first if you aren’t used to listening to them. 

This center is the quietest center in the body; the emotional center and mind can over power what the spleen has to say. But as you start paying attention to those bits of information that come in, that voice or feeling or knowing (however you feel it in your body) will start to get louder and louder.

To connect deeper, start jotting down in your journal or in your Notes app all of those little messages you receive throughout the day without judging them. Then go back and see how well your intuition did. When you can start to see that your intuitive voice is a trustworthy guidance system, the louder that voice will become.

Undefined Emotional Center

The Emotional center is another telling place about your intuition and how it feels in your body. The Emotional center is on the opposite side of the chart from the Spleen. It is the triangle on the right side of the body graph. If your emotional center is white or undefined, you are the emotion feeler. 

Your emotional empathy is part of your intuition toolbox. You can feel how others are feeling and can even feel it deeper than the person felt it for themselves. Since your emotional center is white and open, you are absorbing the energy in that center from the outside world and amplifying it.

I like to remind the emotional empaths that when you start to pick up on other’s emotions, all you’re doing is gathering intel about what is going on with someone else. It’s information that you can acknowledge and let go of instead of working it through your body and clogging up your energy.

Gate 61 – Inner Truth

Gate 61 is a small yet powerful gate in the human design system. It is located up in the crown center at the top of the head and is the middle gate of that energy center. This gate can be red, black, or double lined with red and black; it can be a half gate or fully connect to gate 24. Any combination will give you the gift of channeling. 

Gate 61 is called the gate of Inner Truth or Inner Knowing. It’s the ability to pull in wisdom from your crown center and channel divine wisdom. If you have this gate defined in your chart is it probably an energy you are utilizing without consciously trying to channel – it is just another one of your natural abilities. 

You’ll know this gate is being activated when you are speaking truth and wisdom that just hits you to the center of your being. Your whole body can feel the truth in the download. 

With Gate 61, there isn’t anything for you to actively do because this energy is innately in you. It is just here to make you aware of one piece of your intuitive abilities and gifts.

Interested in Learning More? 

If this peaked your interest and you would like to learn more about Human Design or are interested in having your chart read, you can book a Human Design session from some talented healers. Leslie Christy, Human Design Reader and Spirit Guide Channel, or Suzanne Montalbano, Human Design Reader who specializes in career and parenting.

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