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I See Dead Cookies

K&K talk to Dana Childs, an intuitive and medium who shares what it’s like to be in tune with the universe. Plus, Kate attempts to talk about how she’s “intuitive”, but it ends up becoming a therapy session about an icy trip to Whole Foods.

Honing Your Gut Instincts

Dana Childs joins us to talk about honing your gut instincts when you’re on a first date, a job interview, or any other situation when you want to feel confident in analyzing the situation.

Set and Keep Boundaries

Dana Childs is back talking about how to stop feeling guilty about everything all the time, setting (and keeping) boundaries, and the important distinction between guilt and shame.


Dana Childs is an intuitive and energy healer. She offers executive leadership consultations, energy healing consultations, and couples consultations. She provides insights and tips on both personal and professional wellness and well-being for national publications and is sought after by school systems and international organizations to lead executive retreats and to speak on varied topics. She works with celebrities and top executives to aid them in their search for fulfillment in their professional and private lives.


How to Handle Conflict as an Empath

Empathy is a double-edged sword. The empath is like a mini-psychic, feeling out the undercurrents of the topic at hand and bringing unseen information up to the surface. But in times of conflict, the empath’s intuitive mind can get crowded. Absorbing the emotional content of the room — the good, the bad, the WTF — is exhausting. And just because you can feel it all doesn’t mean you have to. Navigating those emotional boundaries can mark the difference between a burden — and a superpower.

Crossing paths with Dana and working with her is completely altering my life in the best possible way.

“Crossing paths with Dana and working with her is completely altering my life in the best possible way. I feel like I am waking up. The onion metaphor seems suitable here, in that this work is like peeling back the layers-the non-essentials we pile on to keep us from living from our core. Dana’s humility, empathy, and ability to connect is like having your own spiritual tour guide to help navigate a sometimes (okay, often) daunting journey, and her presence is powerful beyond measure. I am immensely grateful for the services she offers and the integrity she offers them with. On the journey to healing and wholeness, I’d have to agree with Rumi, ‘what you seek is seeking you.'”

M.O. – Charlotte, NC


I’ve seen Dana work miracles on people.

I’ve seen Dana work miracles on people, and I’ve seen her use energy work to guide people through incredibly difficult times.

Craig Meyer – Charleston, SC

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