We all want to make the most out of our sessions when we book with an intuitive, a medium, an energy healer, or any other type of metaphysical worker.   We want to get the most answers, the most healing, the most guidance we can possibly get.  Sometimes, we’re even willing to give away our power to do it.

And that’s not okay.

How can you keep your power while working with an intuitive or healer?  Below are are 4 tips to help you:

1.  Ask for help.

In the days before, and on the day of your session, ask that your Higher Self, angels, Spirit Guides, (whatever helpful beings feel good to you) to support you and plug you into your Source so that the session will be what you need.

2.  Plug into your Source.

Your healer is NOT your Source.  On the day of your session, imagine yourself plugging into your Source, not into your intuitive.  This allows your power to remain yours.  Too often, we plug ourselves into our healer.  While this may feel good in the moment, it ultimately robs you from feeling like you are capable of making healthy decisions for your life, and it also robs the healer of energy.

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3.  Don’t take everything as a hard truth.  

No one is 100% accurate, not even your intuitive!  After the session, take time to process what came through.  Make sure to “keep” what resonates with you and to “let go” of what doesn’t resonate or what feels off.  Be honest as you process, and make sure that you’re not rejecting something just because you don’t like it, it doesn’t sound good, or it makes you uncomfortable.  As long as you’re honest with yourself, this process will help solidify you in your own power.

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4.  Do your own work in between sessions. 

After we see an intuitive, we look forward to having clarity about all of our decisions and life situations. Sometimes that desire can make you want to call or email your healer to ask a “quick question” or get some advice or guidance. This is making someone else responsible for your life. It’s more important to write those questions down as they come up and work through them on your own by journaling, processing with friends or a therapist, or whatever way helps give you clarity.  Being your own healer and seeking clarity on your issues will help bolster your confidence in yourself.  And that will help to center you back in your own power.

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Seeking outside help and healing is essential to be able to navigate the traumas and bumps along the road of life. Work done with a healer can help you reach new heights in your life and live a more wholehearted, joyful existence. But maintaining your own power along the way is imperative to your Soul’s growth and your Spirit’s journey!