In 2009, Dana had a bit of an “Eat, Pray, Love” moment, but with coconut rice instead of pasta. After climbing the corporate ladder, feeling like a misfit, and knowing there must be more to her life’s purpose, she sold everything she owned, packed a backpack and bought a one-way ticket to India.

For over a year, she journeyed through Southeast Asia and Australia studying numerous modalities including Thai massage to complement her Yoga teaching certification, Baliana Taksu, crystal healing, past life regression, mediumship, shamanic practices, energy medicine, and Reiki.

Most importantly, she learned the language of her own heart.

Her intuition blossomed

Dana’s Background

Dana has degrees in Drama/English and Psychology, earned her Master’s in Leadership, and holds an HMD from Indian Board of Alternative Medicines.

Her advanced accreditation, worldly experience, versatile training and in-depth knowledge of myriad modalities of the healing arts has allowed Dana to create a unique and effective approach to healing, combining expertise and intuition to balance mind, body, soul, and relationships.

As a lifelong learner, she continuously seeks out teachers and information to further her own growth. This curiosity has occasionally led to, let’s just say, “unusual” situations like a mid-winter, outdoor water bathing ritual ceremony with a Medicine Woman (Brrrrr, but SO worth it!), multiple trips to the desert to work with a shaman, and clearing a ghost from the house of her lucky (or unlucky?) Lyft driver — true story!

Hello, I’m Dana

I’m so glad you’re here, and I want to honor the reason you’ve stumbled upon this page.

You’re looking for answers.
You’re seeking.

Likely, you feel a bit lost, out of step with your heart. You’re not sure exactly what you need, but you can feel the longing. You know there is something beyond your current experience. You know there is more.

You have an innate drive to feel whole.

Let me be your temporary guide as you remember your wholeness. Allow me to help you connect to your own inner guidance, innate wisdom, and intuitive skills.

By connecting to your higher self, or Your Spirit, along with Source energy, I can help provide insight and energy so you can honor the emotions, heal the wounds, and come home to your true self.

Let me help you name what it is that you’re seeking. Let me help you connect to the voice inside you that can identify the path you’re meant to take. Let me help you identify the intuitive gifts that you possess. Allow energy healing to connect you with the Divine Blueprint that is your life.

Let’s make your life what it’s truly meant to be.

All my love,

Her work has been described as “magic,” “an energetic DMT experience,” and “a highway to happiness.” She’s been described as “non-definable” due to her immense gifts.