Meet Dana Childs

Dana’s Beginning

Dana Childs is an intuitive, energy healer, author, and educator who walked out of her life in 2009. She had a bit of an “Eat Pray Love” moment, but with coconut rice instead of pasta. After climbing the corporate ladder and feeling like a misfit, she sold everything she owned, packed a backpack and bought a one-way ticket to India. For over a year, she journeyed through SE Asia and Australia and studied multiple modalities along the way. Whatever she was interested in, she did. She learned Thai massage to complement her Yoga teaching certification, Baliana Taksu, crystal healing, past life regression, mediumship, shamanic practices, was certified as a master in Reiki, and earned her Indian Holistic Medical Degree. More importantly, she also learned the language of her own heart and to listen to her gut. Her intuition blossomed.

What People Say

Today, she aids individuals, couples, celebrities, top executives, and corporations in listening to their hearts and uncovering their hidden desires and purposes. She helps people meet and claim their own specialness.

Her work has been described as “magic,” “an energetic DMT experience,” and “a highway to happiness.” She’s been described as “non-definable” due to her immense gifts.

Her ability to hear truths, see and feel energy, bring to light buried emotions, communicate with the invisible realms, and aid people in releasing what weighs them down keeps her in demand.

Dana is the author of Chakras, Food and You: Tap Your Individual Energy System for Health, Healing and Harmonious Weight. ·      The book is co-authored with her colleague, Cyndi Dale. It is a revolutionary system that aids you in identifying your main chakra – the one in charge of your life purpose. The book includes detailed information on food and supplement choices, exercise suggestions, as well as relaxation and spiritual techniques that you can use to create a customizable plan that helps you attain optimal wellbeing.

Dana Childs is one of the best intuitives to walk this planet.

“Dana Childs is one of the best intuitives to walk this planet. Beyond that, her ease at communicating matters of the heart are outstanding. If you are seeking fulfillment, seek out Dana. Her insights and teachings have created amazing transformation and fulfillment in my life and so many others.”

Cyndi Dale – Minneapolis, MN
Author, of nearly 25 bestselling spiritual books, including The Subtle Body Series – Encyclopedia, Practice Manual, and Coloring Book



I just want to thank you again for today. You are WILDLY GIFTED. Big magical gifts. I am so grateful for you.

Natalie C. – Charlotte, NC
Meditation Teacher


You have been loving and kind, non-judgmental and supportive.

Thank you for your message today, it helped me shift right out of ego into spirit. You are beautiful in so many ways, and I appreciate you. You have been loving and kind, non-judgmental and supportive. I appreciate very much your willingness to look past all that I was mired in and assist me in moving into what I know to be who I am.

B – Charlotte, NC


Highly Sought After

Dana is sought after to provide insights and tips on personal and professional wellbeing. Dana is a  favorite at Goop, the modern lifestyle brand founded by actress, author, and health advocate Gwyneth Paltrow.

  • She taught their highest-rated class at the public-facing wellness summit, “In Goop Health.”
  • She regularly writes articles for Goop’s newsletter and media outlets and is highlighted in Goop’s “Ask an Intuitive” column.

Companies Dana Has Worked With

Energy Medicine

Holistic Medicine

Shamanic Healing

Spiritual Healing


Color Therapy


Crystal Healing


Yoga Teacher Training


Dana’s Work Today

Dana resides in Charlotte, NC, and regularly holds seminars and workshops, and leads retreats, both domestic and abroad. She offers online video courses designed to change the life of the student. She truly believes that the way to self-empowerment and the full intuitive self is through self-awareness and self-responsibility.  She also believes dogs and hot chocolate solve most problems.

Dana’s Background

Dana holds a degree in psychology which allows her to delve deeply into the human aspect of what motivates and inspires individuals and to cut through to the base human emotions that may subconsciously drive decisions, desires, and actions. She obtained a Master’s in Educational Administration & Leadership. She enjoys inspiring leaders, speaking about pretty much anything, and teaching intuitive, energy, and relationship skills in addition to her private practice.

She combines her knowledge with her intuition to help individuals balance mind, body, soul, and relationships. She pulls from her rich experience of world travel and in-depth study of numerous healing arts.