Hand-picked and vetted by Dana, healers on the Dana Childs Intuitive Team have been trained in their respective fields of energy medicine, Human Design, and Acutonics as well as developed and supported by Dana with ongoing education in the spirituality and wellness fields. Rest assured when you book a healing with a team member, you are in great (and highly intuitive) hands.


Jennifer Busco



In a session, Jennifer harnesses her innate intuitive abilities and spiritual gifts to guide clients on a journey of identifying and beginning to heal the root of personal struggles and limiting beliefs.
Leslie Christy

Leslie Christy



Leslie is an intuitive energy healer and channel. In a session, Leslie channels expansive messages that guide you toward living as your highest expression while letting go of self-doubt and limiting beliefs. Leslie helps you recognize and embrace your own intuitive healing abilities and moves you into alignment with the Divine.

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An Intuitive’s Medicine Journey Experience

I explored psychedelics as a way to help me heal physical and emotional trauma.

It’s been a life-changing experience that I finally feel ready to share.

I’ll give you the why, the what, the experience, and. . .

Five Tips To Strengthen Your Intuition

Intuition is a powerful force. Once that we can harness and use it to our advantage whenever we need it.

But how do we do this? How do we tap in and hear what our intuition is trying to tell us?

Leslie has five tips to help guide you.

First, you’ll need to. . .

3 Tips To Move Emotion

Feeling your emotions fully can be a really daunting thing to do.

So instead, we might create a tendency to suppress instead of express.

So, how can we fix that? Jennifer Busco has the answer.

First. . .

Human Design 101

Human Design 101. Where do you even begin?

A concept like Human Design can seem daunting or confusing at first.

Lucky for you, Suzanne has you covered. She offers a beginner guide to Human Design and breaks down the basics of reading a chart including energy types, authority, and energy centers.

To start, you need to. . .

How to Cut Energy Cords

Have you ever left a place or a person and you felt off?

Suddenly you have a headache, or an unexplained pain or emotion. Well, my friend, you may need to cut energetic cords.

Unsure what that means? Fear not. Nicole Broadus gives you 4 easy steps to cut the cords and feel free.

First, you want to set . . .

Heal Your Energy Centers With Human Design

Feeling tired? Overwhelmed? Energetically drained? It could be that your energy centers are out of balance.

So, how do you put them back in balance? Leslie has the answers. In this article, she will give you 5 easy steps to. . .

Healing with Intuitive Guide and Healer Jennifer Busco

Meet Jennifer Busco, the newest member of the Dana Childs Intuitive team, and a talented Intuitive Guide & Energy Healer.

Jennifer harnesses her innate intuitive abilities and spiritual gifts to guide clients on a journey of identifying and beginning to heal the root of personal struggles and limiting beliefs.

If you’re in the Charlotte, NC area and want to work with an in-person healer, meet Jennifer Busco. Jennifer also does long-distance sessions and in this article, you can learn more about. . .

Understand Your Child with Human Design

Parenting is difficult, there’s no doubt about that.

Lucky for you, Suzanne Montalbano has the perfect tool to help you better understand your child and how they operate.

Want to know some ways you can immediately shift your connection to your child and create a more supportive environment for them?

The first thing you’ll do is. . .

Connecting Mind, Body and Spirit through Acutonics®

So how does Acutonics®, an energy healing modality that uses sound frequency on the acupuncture points, help you connect?

Nicole Broadus is here to fill you in.

In this article, she talks tuning forks, frequency, vibration & even tells you a quick way to get grounded.

One of the easiest ways for us to experience this energy is. . .

How to tap into your Superpowers with Human Design

Have you ever wondered what your Human Design type is? Or what makes your type unique?

You’re in luck! Leslie Christy is here to fill you in on each Human Design type.

In this article, she defines each one, explains how they show up, and even what your superpowers are.

For manifestors, their three superpowers include. . .