Hand-picked and vetted by Dana, healers on the Dana Childs Intuitive Team have been trained in their respective fields of energy medicine, Human Design, and Acutonics as well as developed and supported by Dana with ongoing education in the spirituality and wellness fields. Rest assured when you book a healing with a team member, you are in great (and highly intuitive) hands.

Ashley Dordal

Ashley Dordal



In a session, Ashley Dordal works with Spirit to unravel what may be limiting you from embodying the innate light of your own spirit. She facilitates the energetic healing of trauma, stuck emotions,  outdated patterns and shares channeled messages from the Divine.
Nicole Broadus

Nicole Broadus



While attending an energy medicine retreat in Asheville, NC, Nicole experienced Acutonics® (sound healing), and it called to her. Now a level 10 Acutonics® practitioner, Nicole merges her sound healing with her intuitive gifts to create a divine healing experience.

Leslie Christy

Leslie Christy



Leslie is an intuitive energy healer and channel who specializes in Human Design and Spirit Guide communication. Leslie’s intuitive messages and insights help you shed self-doubt and limiting beliefs so you can step into greater energetic alignment.

Suzanne Montalbano

Suzanne Montalbano



Suzanne uses Human Design and her intuitive gifts to nurture and inspire your fullest potential, including identifying your superpowers and supporting you through resistance areas to ultimately reach your growth goals. She specializes in career sessions and parental support sessions.

From the Blog

Q&A with Leslie Christy: Human Design & Spirit Guides

Leslie Christy, our exceptional new healer answers our burning question about seeing Spirit Guides.
She says, “During the sessions, I started having these incredible visions and I started sharing these visions with the healers after the session ended. It was so cool, every single time I shared the vision I had, they would light up and share how meaningful the vision was to them. They would tell me that I was seeing a spirit . . .

Five Steps to Get Grounded & Why You’ll Want To

Grounding. It deeply stabilizes us and creates greater well-being, and reduces inflammation and stress. It even improves blood flow, energy, and sleep. Here is a simple, 5-step process to get you grounded right now.

Ashley Dordal, of the Dana Childs Intuitive team, says that grounding is…

How Your Intuition is Working For You

Have you ever wondered what your intuition sounds like? Or maybe if it’s trying to speak to you?

Tam Burke, of the Dana Childs Intuitive team, tells us how to. . .

Healing With Sound Frequency: Acutonics®

Isn’t it odd to think that weeding your garden and sound healing have a lot in common? But they do! Have you ever pulled weeds from your yard or garden?

Most likely yes, and we know to rid the weeds once and for all, we have to pull them from the root.

Nicole Broadus, of the Dana Childs Intuitive team, does the. . .

5 Ways To Relieve Anxiety


You’ve felt it. Or know someone who has. We have some help for you!

Ashley Dordal, of the Dana Childs Intuitive team, provides you 5 ways to relieve anxiety and reclaim your peace.

These are not your normal anxiety tips. Nope. These are based in energy. She’s even provided you questions to ask yourself to help bring you to a full state of awareness.

Ready to get started?
The first question to ask yourself is do you feel…

Update Your Energy Processing Ability with Tam Burke

“You have a new software update!”

How many times have we seen that? On our phones, computers, maybe even in our cars. But this time, we aren’t talking about software. Well, not really.

Tam Burke of the Dana Childs Intuitive team, is here to give you the energy processing upgrade you need.

After a session with Tam, your energy centers will…

Understanding Your Purpose Through Human Design

There are times in your life that you’ve probably wondered what your true purpose is. Times when you pondered the important questions like:

What are we meant to do during our time on Earth?
What are we meant to accomplish? How do we make a positive impact?
How do we alter the world for the better?

There are many ways we can understand our purpose!
One of them is through our Human Design chart. Everyone has a purpose, and Human Design clarifies your purpose by…

What I Do to Heal

Too often we think that healing is doing more, obtaining more, achieving more.

More health. More success. More intuition. More happiness. More peace.

But those things are results of healing, not the healing itself. Healing happens when we…

Using Sound and Frequency to Heal 

Chinese Medicine. We’ve heard it, maybe dabbled in it, but what in the world IS IT? Nicole Broadus of the Dana Childs Intuitive Team gives you a crash course on sound healing.

Healer Tam Burke Explains Your Pain is Your Healing Power

Healing can be a journey, we all know that. But what if our path can serve as a guide or inspiration to help someone else? Tam Burke, a member of the Dana Childs Team, offers her take on Dharma, Karma and how she can help you through your healing journey and witness the magic within.

Free ClassFeeling Stagnant?

This healing class targets what may be slowing down your transformation (hint: grief and loss) and provides the energy you need to move forward.

* NOTE: Sensitive language.

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