A Live, Online Course & Retreat with Intuitive Dana Childs

Reveal Your Inner Healer

Are you ready to learn to use your empathic and intuitive gifts to heal yourself and others? Have you dreamed of being a professional intuitive? This is the training you’ve been waiting for!

Designed to take you from confusion to clarity with your intuitive gifts in ten, short months.

This intuitive mentorship is an intense, 10-month course designed to uncover your natural gifts while laying a foundation for you to heal your own wounds. Averaging an hour of content per week, this program bolsters self-awareness so you can drop the doubt, trust yourself, and become the conduit for healing you’re meant to be. Each month you receive teachings that cover the foundations of intuitive development, the chakra system, and self-healing, as well as training and practice for specific intuitive skills such as mediumship, energy healing, empathy, clairvoyance, connecting with spirit guides and angels, and more.

With all the information, you’re bound to have questions, but don’t fret!

There are dedicated Q&A sessions so you can ask the experts! And there are two virtual playdates where current and former members of the program are invited to swap readings and gain experience. The real crown jewel? This program includes an immersive weekend retreat in June so you can meet your classmates and teachers in person. With this program, your self-awareness will grow, and your intuitive abilities will blossom. Those who excel in this program may be invited to audition to become a practitioner on the Dana Childs Intuitive Team.

I felt completely safe exploring the unknown.

“The mentorship group was amazing space to learn and grow from Dana and other like-minded individuals. I felt completely safe exploring the unknown, knowing I was being guided by someone as trustworthy and loving as Dana.”

Sharon Qayumi
Director at SaaS Company


The mentorship was instrumental in me finding the courage to step into a career as an intuitive healer full time!

Dana’s guidance helped me understand more about my unique gifts and build unshakeable trust in myself and my Spirit.

Ashley Dordal
Intuitive Energy Healer


I learned so many new skills and found so much clarity on what my gifts already were and the ones I wish to sharpen more.

This program was truly amazing. It really helps you to dig deep on the gifts you have inside of you and how to harness them. I learned so many new skills and found so much clarity on what my gifts already were and the ones I wish to sharpen more. If you’re thinking about signing up, DO IT. You will not be disappointed!

Chloe Schaewe
Operations Coordinator at Destinations of Distinction

Dana’s mentorship cultivated such a warm and inviting community of women to explore and unlock the intuition that lives in all of us.

Dana’s mentorship cultivated such a warm and inviting community of women to explore and unlock the intuition that lives in all of us. My favorite part was joining with all the mentees in person for the retreat. The energy was palpable in the room. It was so powerful.

Emily Serenius
Technical Product Manager

This unique intuitive mentorship program uses a holistic approach. You are taught how to heal your innermost wounds so you can be a clear conduit for the healing and information that is to come through you. Layered on top of your personal healing and awareness are the foundational skills for being a phenomenal intuitive.

Combining online course material with live classes, Q&As, practice readings, as well as an in-person retreat, this course will reveal the healer inside if you dedicate the time.

We’ll begin with an online kickoff to celebrate your chosen journey in January. Then, each month you’ll be presented with an online course of study that helps grow your self-awareness so your intuitive gifts safely open. You’ll follow along in the Intuitive New You program at your own pace, completing the assigned units each month; this course lays the foundation for your personal healing and presents the major blocks that once removed, allow your intuition to expand and your life to catapult forward. You’ll also receive teachings on the chakras, activations to open the gifts in the chakras, and exercises you can practice on your own or with others from the program to establish your chakra-based gifts. In addition, you’ll have a live 90-minute Zoom course most months to learn a variety of intuitive gifts, have a practice session using the gift, and receive real-time feedback.

Once you’ve completed this course, your fears of providing a reading or healing for another will be a distant memory, and your intuition will be your guiding light.

2023 Sample Monthly Curriculum

Sunday, Jan. 22nd 12-4pm EST

In January, we kick off with a virtual celebration as we uncover and learn about the wide variety of intuitive gifts that exist while we do some self-searching to find out what our Spirit is longing to learn. This is a chance to dig into self while connecting with your Mentorship community. At your own pace this month, you’ll learn about the Root and Sacral Chakras while opening the intuitive gifts that reside in each.

Live Lesson

  • Kickoff Celebration: Setting Intention & Gaining Clarity (The Mentorship Workbook)

Virtual Lessons

  • Root Chakra Basics
  • Physical Empathy
  • Sacral Chakra Basics
  • Emotional Empathy

Thursday, Feb. 23rd 7:30-9pmEST

Let’s determine your most natural intuitive gifts with a helpful quiz. Dana breaks down the clairs: clairsentience, clairaudience, clairgustance, clairalience, clairvoyance, and claircognizance in this live class, and you get to “meet” a person using your clairs to see what a natural you already are!

Live Lessons

  • Practice read: using your clairs

Virtual Lessons

  • Solar Plexus Basics
  • Mental Empathy
  • Shame and Self-Worth

Sunday, March 12th 12-1:30pm EST

Ashley teaches you how to ensure safe, healthy boundaries for a clean connection, and then she imparts clear instructions to help you connect with your spirit guides, angels & other supernatural beings. You will use your connection to answer a question or deliver a message to a classmate.

Live Lessons

  • Practice read: connecting to guides
  • Q&A (live with Ashley) Tuesday, March 14th, 8-8:30pm EST
  • Bonus master class with Tam, March 2nd, 7:30-9pm EST

Virtual Lessons

  • Heart Chakra Basics
  • Relational Empathy
  • Energy Healing
  • Lovability

Thursday, April 13th 7:30-9pm EST

This month we dive into our empathic gift of clairsentience. Dana teaches how emotional empathy is formed in childhood and how those protection mechanisms can turn into dysfunctional patterns that sabotage our adult relationships. She’ll lead you through a healing to heal the wounds and help heal the patterns. This allows you to consciously use your empathic gifts with appropriate boundaries instead of being used by them. You’ll also learn how to clear yourself of physical and emotional energy that isn’t yours.

Live Lessons

  • Practice read: scanning for clarity & validation through emotional or physical empathy
  • Q&A: Tuesday, April 18th, 8-8:30pm EST
  • Play Date: Wednesday, April 26th, 8-9pm EST. Join current and alumni members for this live Play Date where you will give and receive practice readings.

Virtual Lessons

  • Throat Chakra Basics
  • Clairaudience
  • Empowerment

Sunday, May 7th 12-1:30pm EST

We tune into the invisible realms of hearing this month as we learn what a message from another being, dimension, or a guide or spirit sounds like. You’ll learn the difference between your inner voice and imagination and an outer voice. You’ll get a basic introduction to mediumship and learn how to create strong links, as well as how to differentiate between spirits who have crossed to The Other Side and those who may be lost and need help.

Live Lessons

  • Practice read: using clairaudience to bring a message from the other side
  • Q&A (live) Tuesday, May 9th, 8-8:30pm EST

Virtual Lessons

  • The Third Eye Chakra Basics
  • Clairvoyance
  • Self-care
  • Boundaries: Personal & Energetic

IN-PERSON IMMERSIVE WEEKEND: Friday, June 9th – Sunday, June 11th

Exact location TBD but likely Denver, Colorado. (All classes included; flights & hotel not included)

Live Lessons

  • Using tools (oracle, tarot, runes, etc.)
  • Psychometry
  • Pendulums for healing and validation
  • Surprise Content

Virtual Lessons

  • Crown Chakra Basics
  • Channeling
  • Claircognizance
  • Connection with Self, Others, & Source

Catch-up Month

Take a deep breath! This month, you get a break from live classes so you can catch up on any online content you may be behind on or to dive deeper into the classes that left you longing for more time. And don’t be shy, practice your new gifts on a friend (with permission of course)!

Virtual Lessons

  • Shamanic Portal 8th Chakra Basics
  • Shamanic Gifts
  • The Past: This Life & Past Lives

Sunday, August 6th 12-1:30pm EST

It’s time to “open your eyes” while closing them and let your inner vision be your guide. This month we learn how to allow our clairvoyance to deliver us clear information be it in streams of energy flow, movie vignettes, or even shifting shapes and colors. We’ll learn how to ask for energy healing and witness it on our personal, clairvoyant movie screen as the shifts happen.

Live Lessons

  • Practice read: energy healing using clairvoyance
  • Q&A Tuesday, August 8th, 8-8:30pm EST
  • Bonus Master Class: The Subtle Body with Tam Burke, August 10th 7:30-9pm EST
  • Play Date Wednesday, August 23rd, 8-9pm EST. Join current and alumni members for this live Play Date where you will give and receive practice readings.

Virtual Lessons

  • 9th Chakra Basics
  • Symbology
  • Abundance & Generosity

Thursday, September 21st, 7:30-9:00pm EST

After studying and opening all these different gifts, you realize that sometimes, you just know things. In this class, you’ll get familiar with how claircognizance is working for you. You’ll learn to recognize when the information you’re seeking is simply dropped into your energy field or when it already exists within you and must be brought “out” rather than “in.” You’ll also learn a technique for tapping into the wisdom of the Universe as the library that’s always in existence and reach.

Live Lessons

  • Practice read: partnered exercise to utilize your claircognizance, claircognizance, and tapping into the universal library of wisdom
  • Q&A Tuesday, September 26th, 8-8:30pm EST

Virtual Lessons

  • 10th Chakra Basics
  • Environmental Empathy
  • Purpose

Sunday, Oct. 22nd, 12-2pm EST

Do a little dance! You’ve made it to our final class. Congrats Intuitive! By now you have a bag full of healing tools and gifts you can use and the confidence to whip them out when needed! In this final class, we’ll have time for any outstanding Q&A, celebrate our successes, achievements, and sparkly new intuitive gifts, and we’ll exchange readings and feedback with classmates and teachers.

Live Lessons

  • Celebration, practice reads, and final Q&A

Virtual Lessons

  • 11th Chakra Basics
  • Commanding Supernatural Energy
  • 12th Chakra Basics
  • Your Special gift
  • Surrendering & Committing


You get even more! Included in this course are extra special bonuses along the way. We are dedicated to you building a solid foundation for your intuitive and healing gifts to unfurl, so we’re including the following during our time together.

Course Bonuses

  • Included in the course content, you’ll receive access to Dana’s entire Intuitive New You Course.
    It’s our gift to you to help you heal your personal wounds so you can be the clearest conduit for your unique healing gifts. Whether you’re looking to better understand yourself, heal from old wounds, or establish a healthy foundation to safely open your intuitive gifts, this comprehensive video course is packed full of information that can be used in all aspects of your life. You’ll gain practical knowledge for healing yourself, your relationships, your work-world, and the larger world around you. Experience thoughtful meditations and guided healings that can catapult you to expanded awareness. Learn more here.
  • $500 sessions with Dana available during the mentorship program

Masterclass Bonuses

  • The Subtle Body, August 10th 7:30-9pm EST
  • Meditation master class, March 2nd, 7:30-9pm EST
  • Meditation support group (if desired)
  • Additional Masterclasses may be added throughout the program