Growing up, everyone knew that my Grandmother’s prayers held some sort of magic. When in doubt, pain, or trouble, you called up Nellie Childs and asked her to pray for you. Miracles were the norm when Granny prayed. Her prayers worked because she believed in her Source. And we believed in her.

It was no secret that her prayers cured my Dad’s polio. In 1947, at the tender age of two years, Dad developed a limp and a fever. Granny didn’t like it. She sat at his bedside and prayed for her baby boy. Two days later, all was well, and he was walking fine. In 1955, the polio vaccine was administered to all school-age children. After receiving the vaccine, Dad flushed with a sudden fever and vomited all over the classroom. At the hospital, they ran the tests and discovered that the limp he developed at two-years-old had in fact been polio. It was no longer active in his system, but had left traces of its presence in the right hip and leg. Granny’s prayer had cured him. She had saved her baby boy. A miracle.

Recently, the doctors found some nodules on Dad’s lungs; X, rays and an MRI led to inconclusive results that left Dad needing a Pet Scan, and then possibly a biopsy. Friends and family members called Dad to let him know they were praying for him, and in Dad’s words, “That got me thinking that I better get serious about this and ask somebody to pray for me whose prayers I trusted. I was worried.” He thought of his Mom, Nellie Childs, but said, “She’s dead.” Granny died about ten years ago, leaving us all with a shortage of prayers. But he asked her anyway, because he knew her prayers worked. Everybody knew her prayers worked. Plus, if anyone was talking to God everyday after crossing over, it would be her! And, right about now, he could use a miracle even if it came with help from The Other Side.

A few days ago, Dad got the all clear on his bill of health.  The day after receiving the all clear, he awoke and saw a card lying on his dresser that he’d never seen before – Granny’s Social Security Card. He asked Mom if she’d found it and put it there. She had never seen it before. He asked my sister if she’d placed it there. She had never seen it before either. In fact, no one in our family had ever seen Granny’s Social Security card even when she was alive. But there it was, lying right on Dad’s dresser. A miracle.

Dad called me and said, “I have to tell you a story about Spirit.” He knew that Granny heard his plea and answered. Her Social Security card appeared on his dresser as a manifestation of the fact that she heard him, still hears him and is working on his behalf from The Other Side. As he finished telling me about the card on his dresser, his voice cracked a bit, and he said, “She’s still taking care of her baby boy.”

She certainly is.

And we still believe in the power of prayer and miracles as the norm.

But now, we also believe in help from The Other Side.