It’s here! 

The book Aspire Magazine named as one of its Top 10 Inspiring Books. The book written during a lockdown. 

One review states, “Definitely worth a read – I will recommend it to friends, family and patrons as it was DEAD ON for my health issues!!!”

 In the book Chakras, Food, and You, my co-author, Cyndi Dale, and I utilize her 12 chakra system to devise a Chakra Typing that is eerily accurate. By taking a short quiz, you determine your major chakra, the one that is most important for your life purpose and wellbeing.

Next, we guide you through recommended food and supplements, spiritual rituals, and tips for dealing with stress. It’s a robust system that allows you to customize your wellness plan so that you can easily stay on track. 

My favorite part of the book is that not only do we introduce you to your special intuitive gifts, but we breakdown your strengths and weaknesses in addition to what can really get you motivated. 

Purchase the book wherever books are sold. 

And check out the Chakras, Food, and You website to see if you can determine your type!