All New Ways to Serve YOU

I’m so thrilled to be sharing my new way of working with you!

These new levels of energy healing services offer you a way to get into all the grimy, grueling details and do the deep healing and repair work with maximum support.

These offerings maximize growth and commitment. The structure allows me to be more hands-on and ensures you get the time and attention you need.

There will be four levels of healing including Platinum Plus Daily or Platinum Light, Gold Monthly Healing, Silver Seasonal Healing, and the Unicorn Mentorship.

The Platinum level healing platform provides you with daily energy healing 5 days each week. For the Platinum Plus it includes 12 hours of one-on-one healing with me that you can redeem as immersions or as single sessions. You also gain free access to any single of her online courses you wish, as well as access to all large group healings that occur during your sign-up time.

The Gold healing level is a 10-month commitment that ensures you have a one-on-one call with Dana Childs Intuitive each month as well as small monthly group healings with a select group of peers. This level culminates in a 1-day in-person retreat at the end of the 10 months. Access to this level will close as of Nov. 24th, 2021 and will not reopen until October of 2022.

The Silver Seasonal platform provides you with 4 sessions per year, access to either my Empowered Empath course or my The Basics: Classes on the Metaphysical, as well as a 10% coupon to all courses I teach.

The Unicorn is a platform designed for those looking to develop their own intuitive healing gifts and includes 5, one-on-one sessions with me as well as 5 group classes with others in the same cohort. It culminates in an in-person 1 day retreat and will unlock all your healing potentials!

In addition to the four tiers of healing services offered, I will now offer monthly, affordable large group healings. The Individual immersions and couples immersions are always available to book right online as are the emergency sessions for anyone who needs some quick intuitive help.

In addition to all of these exciting offerings, I’ve brought on board very talented healers who specialize in Human Design, Acutonics®, and energy healing.

So join me over at Dana Childs Intuitive and peruse the new offerings to discover what can assist you most in your healing journey.

Until then, happy healing!