It’s a New Year! And, let’s be honest, aren’t we all darn glad about that?

We usually start the new year out with a list of resolutions that by the end of January, well. . . we’ve mostly broken. 

So let’s do it differently, shall we?

Let’s set a theme for the year and arrange our goals under that. 

I’m going to walk you through a series of questions that will help you drill down to what’s important to you. 

From there, you’ll have an easy time creating your theme and setting your goals for 2021. 

The end result is that you’re going to fill in the blanks for this personalized statement to describe what this year will be for you:

 2021, THE YEAR OF ____________________________________________________. 


How do I feel about unforeseen expenses and paying bills?

The overwhelming feeling when I check my bank account is__________.

How I feel about the work I do:_____________________________. 

My primary love relationship is__________________________________.

My primary love relationship contributes to my personal growth by __. 

My family and primary community support me by ______________. 

I engage with and fit into my community in the following ways: 

When I wake up, I feel ______________ about and in my body. 

My relationship with exercise and movement is: ____________. 

I feel ___________________ about the way I eat. 

I create and play in the following ways: ___________. 

My life is full of wonder and joy because _________________. 

Now, go back and take stock of your answers. Where do you want to round out your life? Add joy and fun? Which area of your life do you want to focus on for 2021? What will 2021 be the YEAR OF for you?

2021, the year of _________________________________________. 

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