Ashley Dordal

Ashley Dordal

Ashley Dordal

Intuitive, energy healer, and channel

In a session, Ashley works with Spirit to unravel what may be limiting you from embodying the innate light of your own spirit. She facilitates the energetic healing of trauma, stuck emotions, outdated patterns and shares channeled messages from the Divine.

What is Intuitive Energy Healing and Channeling?

Intuitive healing is when an individual leverages their own psychic gifts and skills to perceive what is causing misalignment in a client’s energy field or body.

Energy healing is a form of healing at the most subtle, unseen levels of your system. Leveraging your energy system, including the chakras and auric field, healing is facilitated at a level that allows stuck emotions, energy, and/or harmful patterns to release. This then allows you to more easily align to your natural state of flow and abundance.

Channeling involves receiving information from sources such as Spirit Guides or Angels and sharing those messages for additional clarity and healing.


Intuitive Sessions

$250, 50 mins via Phone

In an intuitive session, Ashley holds you in a sacred container connected with the Divine to identify what may be blocking your innate wisdom and authentic truth.  Through dialogue and her connection to Source, Ashley facilitates the awareness and release of energies creating discomfort and challenges in your life.  Ashley may also channel divine messages for additional clarity and a more expansive perspective.

Sessions may involve any of the following: clearing energetic attachments/cords, chakra clearing, reviewing soul contracts, soul retrieval, lineage healing, past life work, inner child healing, aligning with your divine blueprint, activating your innate gifts, and the delivery of divine messages.


I've worked with Ashley frequently over the past year, and it's been life-changing.

“It was a difficult time in my life, and she helped to clear my energy field, dispel destructive entities that had taken hold and, generally, keep me in good spiritual and emotional health. During one session we tapped into a traumatic past life event that was resulting in terrifying visions and dreams. The result was nothing short of astounding. Immediately, I felt safer, brighter, and more clear–and the visions and dreams stopped that day. It was one of the most moving experiences I’ve ever had with an intuitive. Ashley’s ability to work with you and your spirit in a way that feels safe, supported and loving is beyond compare.”

Brooke, Strategy Director for Brand Firm


I was amazed at what she was able to access and how she guided me in direct and compassionate ways that had profound and immediate benefits!

“Ashley is simply an exceptional Intuitive Healer. As a licensed therapist in private practice since 2007, I highly value authentic empowerment and healing. I have personally had sessions with Ashley and was amazed at what she was able to access and how she guided me in direct and compassionate ways that had profound and immediate benefits! In one session, she was guided to the root cause of my unworthiness which was something no other healer had been able to find, and I was able to experience a genuine sense of peace and clarity. Additionally, I have also referred many clients to her and they have also reported having life-changing experiences.  

I have worked and studied with multiple cutting-edge people in the field of Energy Medicine and Ashley is the Real Deal; she operates with the highest level of integrity.”

Kristin Zastrow Lukela, LPC


More about Ashley

intuitive, energy healer, and channel

Ashley, currently residing in Denver, Colorado, has had strong clairvoyant and empathic gifts since childhood, often seeing spirits and other beings. To better fit in to her family and culture, she shut these gifts down for many years until they began to reemerge in 2012. After repeatedly hearing Dana Childs’s name, she finally scheduled a session with her. During this session, Dana told Ashley things that no one else could possibly know, including the fact that she was going to be a healer. This started Ashley down a path for the next decade learning all she could about what she was seeing, how to work with energy, and how she could be of service. Ashley spent the next 8 years as a closet spiritual energy healer while continuing to work her corporate job.

To further refine her gifts, Ashley attended the School of Intuitive Studies in Boulder, CO graduating in 2017 and completed the Advanced Intuitive program in 2020. Ashley trained with Dr. Sue Morter and is a Master Facilitator of her Energy Code embodiment work. She received her 200 hr. YTT from Asheville Yoga Center in 2019. She has worked with multiple indigenous leaders across the Americas learning shamanic traditions. In addition to her training, Ashley has traveled to sacred sites across the world including Peru, Bolivia, Easter Island (Rapa Nui), Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Chile, Bali, Australia, New Zealand and throughout Asia gaining unique perspectives and use of these frequencies in her healing work.