Emily Serenius

Emily Serenius

Intuitive Human Design Reader and Energy Healer

Emily Serenius is an intuitive Human Design reader and energy healer. In her work, she has witnessed transformation take place through the lens of Human Design. What this system offers is the permission to align to your Spirit’s most easeful and natural state of existence. Below are the different ways you can work with Emily.

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a system that helps us understand who we are, who we came to be, what parts of ourselves we are here to work on, what parts of ourselves we are here to grow and everything in-between. When I look at someone’s human design chart, it feels like looking into the portal of someone’s Spirit. It shows me your gifts, your fears, your specific way of operating in this world.


Human Design Chart Reading

Designed for Individuals and Couples
$250, 50 mins via Zoom

In a Human Design Chart Reading, Emily breaks down the different aspects of your Human Design chart, highlighting your unique way of operating in this world. In the 50 minutes together, she will describe and amplify the gifts that you came to uncover in this lifetime. She will highlight and discuss the complexity that is you to provide an opportunity for you to align back to your most easeful state of being.

In a session, Emily uses her unique gifts to deconstruct the old beliefs about how you thought you were “supposed” to be, shifting you back into alignment of your Spirit’s greatest and most powerful self. As you walk away from this session, Emily’s intention is to have you come away with a deeper understanding of self with the permission granted to just be YOU.

Group Human Design sessions

Designed for 4+ individuals
Custom Pricing, Local or Remote

Hosting a corporate event, dinner party, or looking to go deeper with your friends, family, or colleagues? Group Human Design readings are a unique way to learn more about the people in your circle at a Soul level. Gather your birth information and your notebook to dive into your Soul blueprint using the Human Design chart.

During a Group Reading, Emily will unlock the 5 Energy Types of Human Design with the group. She will discuss key aspects of every chart:

  • How does each energy types make decision?
  • Which part of their body does their intuition come from?
  • How does each type identify misalignment?
  • What makes YOU so powerful.

Looking for something more custom? Add in mini personal readings for each member of the group! Everyone will walk away with a deeper insight as to how they operate in this world as well as those around them.

To schedule a Group Reading or if you have additional questions about this offering, please reach out to come up with the right program for your group.

Thank you Emily. You have a gift. I hope everyone gets to experience it.

“I heard of [Human Design] through an acquaintance and decided to try it out. It mostly described me and helped me understand some of my actions and quirks and attitudes. 

Emily felt called in the middle of the reading to do some energy healing and truly that was the best part because right after that I could actually feel my breath into my heart. Like deep into my soul. I always was breathing. But I never could feel air really going in. I did. After her healing.”



More about Emily

Intuitive Human Design Reader and Energy Healer

Emily Serenius is an intuitive Human Design reader and energy healer. She’s had a fascination of leadership and self-development all her life that eventually turned into a deep passion for Spirituality. While working for Corporate America at the ripe age of 22, the 9-5 life wasn’t fulfilling enough for this spiritually thirsty wisdom seeker. Emily found herself using all her free time learning about the metaphysical world from books, podcasts, spiritual teachers, workshops, and classes. It only took 15 minutes into a podcast episode about Human Design for Emily to have the deep Soul Spark ignited. After years of self-study, Emily became certified as a Human Design reader in the spring of 2020 and opened her practice.

In her work, she has witnessed transformation take place through the lens of Human Design. What Emily loves about this system is the permission it gives to align back to your most natural state of being. The world has taught us what “safe” looks likes. And sometimes “safe” looks like stuffing our beautiful unique selves inside a tiny box – the “perfect” mold. Human Design says, to create the most flow in your life, we must get you out of that box and into your most natural state of existence. When that happens, the Universe moves mountains for you.