Ashley Dordal

Intuitive, Energy Healer, Human Design, and Channel

Leslie is an intuitive energy healer and channel who specializes in Human Design and Spirit Guide communication. In a session, Leslie channels expansive messages that guide you toward living as your highest expression, letting go of self-doubt and limiting beliefs. Leslie empowers you to recognize and embrace your own intuitive healing abilities and step into greater energetic alignment.

What is Human Design?

Human Design taps into the energies you were born with. It uses your birth date, time, and location to create an energetic map that contains keys to your unique gifts, decision making strategies, lessons, and your purpose.

What are Spirit Guides?

We all have a divine support system known as spirit guides and every person has the power to connect with their guides. Spirit guides are here to help support you in your day-to-day life. Each guide is as unique as you are and they are here to be teachers and help you move more easily through life.

Human Design Sessions

$250, 50-minute session

Leslie offers three unique Human Design Sessions focusing on how your energy flows, your purpose, and your intuitive superpowers. 

1. Human Design Foundational Reading 

This is a good session for beginners and those new to Human Design. This is a revealing look at how your energy works in the world. It provides a solid foundation to cultivate your energetic awareness and allow your authentic self to shine. Leslie covers the basics of the chart and shares the most vital parts of your Human Design.

2. Human Design Expansive Purpose Reading

This session is designed for those who want to know more about their life’s purpose. This is an empowering, expansive session covering the unique energies that influence your life purpose, how consciousness expands through you, and the unique roles you play in the world.

3. The Human Design Intuitive Superpower Reading

We are all uniquely designed with intuitive abilities and gifts. In this session, Leslie guides you through the specific areas of your chart to share how intuition and your superpowers present in your chart. This will help you tune into your intuition and mystical circuitry for intuitive alignment and flow.

Spirit Guide Sessions

$250, 50-minute session

This is an energy healing session with Leslie as your guide. Through a meditation, Leslie creates sacred space and journeys with you to meet your Spirit Guides who are here to support you in everyday life. Through channeled messages, she will unpack the wisdom they share to lead you into deeper alignment in your life.  This is a great session if you are seeking answers, peace and clarity.

Leslie Christy

intuitive, energy healer, human design, and channel

Leslie followed a calling to go on a healing retreat hosted by Dana Childs in Italy. At the retreat, Leslie had a deep spiritual awakening and energy healing transformed her life. Since that life-changing retreat, Leslie has studied energy healing through intuition, Human Design, and meditation.

She first discovered Human Design while searching for her purpose. It all started with the questions, who am I and how am I meant to show up in the world? She was fascinated by the Human Design system and went on a two-year journey to learn as much as she could about it. Human Design helped her decondition, heal, release limiting beliefs, and tap into authentic energetic alignment.

Leslie loves to keep learning about all things energy healing and her favorite way to ground is by spending time in nature.

An awakening to self.

“I had the privilege of having my Human Design chart read by Leslie and it left me speechless. She had this incredible story to tell about MY life through reading my chart. Her calm presence and delivery of the information she presented were comforting and encouraging. Not only did she take the time to explain everything in incredibly clear and descriptive detail, but she gave me accurate examples of what I could be experiencing- which she intuitively knew I was- and explained why and what I could do to move past a challenge! It was incredible to hear my life explained the way it was. This reading blew me away and really explained my reason for experiencing life the way I do and why I am the way I am! Leaving me with no questions or doubts. It was very much an awakening to self.  Thank you again for this incredible blessing Leslie.”



My human design led me to the next stage of my journey, with an open hand from the universe.

“I found the Human Design reading to be very insightful. Leslie’s voice is like honey with a warm hug. She has a real authentic, accepting, and gentle aura and you feel very safe in her session. She brought up character traits within me that I have been conditioned over my life to believe were holding me back, but they were actually propelling me forward. I have always beat to my own drum, regardless of what people have told me, but now I have a fresh perspective about how I operate and why/how I make my choices. Thank you for giving me the gift of understanding my unique human design. I feel it has now led me to the next stage of my journey, with an open hand from the universe.”


Leslie had amazing, kind energy

“Leslie had amazing kind energy. I immediately connected to what she was saying. I loved how open she was and I loved the meditation we went through to really ground. I was looking for some guidance on figuring out the big question of “what’s next”. She was able to tap in and provide me with reassurance that I didn’t even realize I needed it until she read my chakras and also tapped into my spirit guides. The information she provided was exactly what I had been wondering but didn’t know how to ask the right questions. It was also amazing that her lifestyle connected so well with me without even knowing her. It was like we were meant to meet. I truly enjoyed my reading with Leslie and would recommend her to anyone looking to dive a little deeper and find some peace within.”


I received incredible feedback from her.

“I came into this reading very open and Leslie made me feel very safe and calm. I received incredible feedback from her. Everything was very specific and spot on. I felt extremely validated. This reading was so special and I will cherish my messages.”