Ashley Dordal


Years ago, while attending an energy medicine retreat in Asheville, NC, Nicole experienced Acutonics® (Tuning Fork Sound Therapy) and was enthralled by the results. It called to her. She decided to incorporate it into her own energy practice. Nicole is now a Certified Acutonics® Practitioner who merges tuning fork sound therapy with her intuitive gifts, connecting with your angels and spirit guides to create a divine healing experience.


Acutonics® Sound Therapy is grounded in Traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist principles. It incorporates the use of planetary tuning forks placed on specific acupuncture points to access the meridian and chakra systems. Each Acutonics® tuning fork is tuned to the celestial frequency of the Earth, Moon, Sun, and planets; otherwise known as the Music of the Spheres. During each tuning fork session, other sound therapy tools may be incorporated, including hand chimes, Tibetan bowls, and planetary gongs. The specific tuning fork combinations selected are based on the therapeutic frequencies and archetypes of the planets that apply to the issue at hand, alleviating ailments such as chronic and acute pain, gastrointestinal issues, gynecological issues (i.e., UTI’s, infertility), trauma, depression, anxiety, PTSD, feeling stuck, intergenerational wounding, and more.


An initial treatment will consist of an intake process that takes approximately 30 minutes. During this time, Nicole will review the intake form with you, discuss your medical history, listen to your story, ask questions, and set an intention for the session. In addition to physical symptoms you’re experiencing, we’ll discuss any underlying emotional or psycho-spiritual issues and traumatic events in your past that may be contributing to the root cause.

Based on the intake discovery, Nicole will specifically tailor your sound healing session to address your concerns, needs and intention. From there, you lay back and relax while Nicole creates the exact sound frequencies to allow your body to reset into wellness.


$200 – Initial Session 80 min. (includes 30-minute intake session, plus 50-minute sound healing treatment) or Follow-up Session/Existing Clients (50 min.)

Distance sound therapy is performed in real-time over Zoom using a Blue Yeti microphone to amplify the sounds of the planetary tuning forks, hand chimes, Tibetan bowls, and planetary gongs that you will both feel and hear. Nicole uses a mannequin on her treatment table to act as a proxy to which she applies the turning forks to acupuncture points—as if you were there in person. Tuning forks are held up to the mic before application to the body. It is recommended that you wear headphones or earbuds connected to your device to better hear and feel the sound tools, although this isn’t required, as healing energy will be received regardless.



While attending an energy medicine retreat in Asheville, NC, Nicole first experienced Acutonics® (sound healing). It felt like coming home. She was enthralled by the results and knew it was something she had to learn and incorporate in her own energy practice.

Nicole is a Certified Acutonics® Practitioner. Not only has she completed all ten levels of required Acutonics® classes, including over 400 hours of instruction and 100 supervised clinic hours, but she has also completed both the “Foundations of Chinese Medicine” and “Energetics of Points and Meridians” elective classes to learn the basics of Chinese Medicine and the Five Elements, which she incorporates in her practice. She has been trained and mentored by a Certified Acutonics® practitioner and Senior Faculty member of the Acutonics® Institute with over 30 years of experience.

In addition, Nicole is a certified Usui Reiki master and has taken numerous intuitive and energy medicine classes in different modalities over the past 15 years including intuitive energy healing with Dana Childs, energy medicine with Cyndi Dale, Intuitive Angel readings with Beth “B” Carleton, and ancient Goddess teachings with Sarah Wergin. She incorporates this training into her practice to assist clients more deeply and accurately in their healing journey.

The immense amount of healing and love I felt on a cellular level was incredible.

“The sound healing session I had with Nicole was unlike anything I have ever done. We went over my history and areas of concern before the session. Nicole is compassionate and intuitive, even talking to her was a pleasure in itself. She did not give me a lot of detail for what she was going to be working on during the session other than the areas of concern that we discussed. During the session I could feel her moving through each chakra in my body. For many hours after the session I felt like I was buzzing with energy. I will definitely have future sessions with Nicole and I recommend that anyone considering it have a session with her right away.”

Sandra Godley, Realtor, North Carolina

A phenomenal intuitive that has the amazing gift of sound!

“You won’t regret working with Nicole! I have had the pleasure of working with Nicole more than once and I couldn’t be more grateful! She is vibrant and friendly! Nicole’s approach to Acutonics is presented in an approachable way that isn’t overwhelming.  My anxiety was crippling in the weeks leading up to my session with her.  During our session, I felt safe in exploring the root cause of my issues and releasing what felt like the weight of the world.  It’s a full-body experience that left me feeling lighter, less anxious, and energetic.  Feeling sound and energy shifting through your body is one of the coolest experiences and I cannot wait to continue my healing journey with her!”

Brittany – Woodbridge,  VA

Nicole’s sound healing is nothing short of magical.

Her technical skill and knowledge combined with her intuition and loving nature create powerful healing. She helped me bust through some emotional blocks to quicken my body’s path to healing. Her sound healing has been a source of support and help while I have journeyed through a CIRS diagnosis. So grateful for this magical, lovely being. If you’re considering a session with her, go ahead and do it! You will be glad you did!

Dana Childs