Nicole Broadus

Acutonics practitioner

Nicole Broadus

Acutonics® practitioner

While attending an energy medicine retreat in Asheville, NC, Nicole first experienced Acutonics® (sound healing). She was enthralled by the results and knew it was something she had to learn and incorporate in her own energy practice. It called to her. Nicole is now a level 10 Acutonics® practitioner and merges her sound healing with her intuitive gifts to create a divine healing experience.

What is Acutonics®?

Acutonics® is grounded in Traditional Chinese medicine and incorporates the use of precision-calibrated tuning forks, chimes and Tibetan bowls applied on or over specific acupuncture points.  Each Acutonics® tuning fork is tuned to a natural harmonic series based on the orbital properties of the Earth, Moon, Sun, and other planets; otherwise known as the Music of the Spheres. The sound waves of the forks vibrate and travel into and along the body’s energy pathways to stimulate and balance the body’s physical and subtle energy field. The treatment is completely non-invasive and provides the benefits of acupuncture, but without needles. The vibratory energy can help correct imbalances, uncover and release emotions, stimulate growth, physical and emotional healing, and aid in creating inner harmony and recognition of wholeness. 

What can I expect in my Sound Treatment?

An initial treatment will consist of an intake process that takes approximately 30 minutes. During this time, Nicole will review the intake form with you, discuss your health history, listen to your story, ask questions, and set an intention for the session. We will discuss not only any physical symptoms you’re experiencing, but also any underlying emotions present that could be relevant. Nicole will help you identify and address these issues to ensure the treatment is aimed at the root of the problem to maximize your healing experience.
Based on the intake discovery, Nicole will tailor your sound healing session to address your concerns, needs and intention. From there, you lay back and relax while Nicole creates the exact sounds to bring your body into balance. You may experience powerful emotions, you may laugh with delight, or you may even drift into a peaceful nap.


Live Zoom Sound Healing

$175 – Initial Session 80 min. (includes 30-minute intake session, plus 50-minute sound healing treatment)
$150 – Follow-up Session/Existing Clients (50 min.)

Distance sound healing is performed in real-time over Zoom using a Blue Yeti microphone to amplify the sounds of the tuning forks, chimes, and Tibetan bowls. If possible, it is suggested that you wear headphones or earbuds to better hear the tuning forks, chimes, and singing bowls although this isn’t required as healing energy will be received even if the sound is inaudible. Nicole uses a plush cotton mannequin in the shape of a person on her treatment table to act as a proxy in your absence. She will apply the sound tools to it while you relax in a comfortable position and enjoy your session.

Scheduled Sound Healing

$120 – Follow-up Session/Existing Clients (10 min. phone & 40 min. sound)

As an alternative to a live healing, a sound healing session can also be done at an agreed upon time when you are aware that your energy session will be administered. This allows you to sit quietly and relax while the healing session takes place or to passively receive no matter what you are doing (although it’s best if you’re in a relaxed state). It can even be performed while you are sleeping. You will call Nicole at the scheduled time to have a brief discussion about your needs for the session as well as to set an agreed upon time for the treatment. This type of session is ideal for people who want to experience sound healing, but don’t have time to attend a live Zoom session.

Nicole’s sound healing is nothing short of magical.

Nicole’s sound healing is nothing short of magical. Her technical skill and knowledge combined with her intuition and loving nature create powerful healing. She helped me bust through some emotional blocks to quicken my body’s path to healing. Her sound healing has been a source of support and help while I have journeyed through a CIRS diagnosis. So grateful for this magical, lovely being. If you’re considering a session with her, go ahead and do it! You will be glad you did!

Dana Childs


More about Nicole

Acutonics® practitioner

While attending an energy medicine retreat in Asheville, NC, Nicole first experienced Acutonics® (sound healing). It felt like coming home. She was enthralled by the results and knew it was something she had to learn and incorporate in her own energy practice.

Nicole is a level 10 Acutonics® practitioner. Not only has she completed all ten levels of required Acutonics® classes, which includes over 260 hours of instruction and 100 clinic hours, but she has also completed both the “Energetics of Points and Meridians” and “Foundations of Chinese Medicine” elective classes to learn the basics of Chinese Medicine and the Five Elements, which she incorporates in her practice. She has been trained and mentored by a Certified Acutonics® practitioner and Senior Faculty member of the Acutonics® Institute with over 30 years of experience.

In addition, Nicole is a certified Usui Reiki master and has taken numerous energy medicine classes in different modalities over the past 15 years including intuitive energy healing with Dana Childs, energy medicine with Cyndi Dale, angel readings, and ancient Goddess teachings with Sarah Wergin. She incorporates this knowledge into her practice to assist clients more deeply and accurately in their healing journey.