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Suzanne Montalbano

suzanna montalbano

Human Design Reader: Career & Parenting

Suzanne uses Human Design and her intuitive gifts to nurture and inspire your fullest potential, including identifying your superpowers and supporting you through resistance areas to ultimately reach your growth goals. She specializes in career sessions and parental support sessions.


Human design is a modality and framework that provides a better understanding of who you are and how your energy is meant to be used optimally in the world. Each of our Human Design charts show us that we are all unique and not meant to operate the same way, despite what we have been conditioned to do or be throughout our experience. Human design can provide practical tools in all areas of life around decision making, process, strengths, and purpose (to name just a few) and when applied, can greatly support us in finding more flow, opportunity, and alignment in our lives, careers, and relationships.

Human Design SessionS

$250, 50-minutes via zoom

Suzanne offers three types of Human Design sessions each with a distinct focus including: optimizing your unique energy, upleveling in career, and understanding and nurturing your child’s energy.

1. Comprehensive Human Design Session

This is a comprehensive reading of your unique energy and the most significant parts of your chart. It’s designed to help you know and love yourself more deeply and optimize your precious superpowers. It’s perfect whether it’s your first introduction to Human Design, or if you are looking to go a little deeper.

2. Career Session

This session is designed to help you uplevel in your career. Suzanne will illuminate your strengths and ways to further amplify them, charting a course for more satisfaction and success. She will bring awareness to areas of resistance that might be holding you back and help you learn to defy them. She may also touch on the areas of ideal work environment, structure, marketing approach, and decision making.

3. Parental Support Session

This session is for parents looking to nurture their child’s unique energy and navigate the dynamic of your energies together. Suzanne will provide practical tips based on your child’s Human Design chart to support areas such as sleep, environment, emotions and learning process. This session will allow your child to be in tune with their natural energy from a young age.

Suzanne Montalbano

Human Design Reader: Career & Parenting

Suzanne was always tapped into her more spiritual and philosophical side at a young age, yet placed some of that on the backburner as she dove into more traditional paths. She found success at what could be seen as ‘dream jobs,’ yet also felt out of tune.

Slowly, she leaned more into her passions and the drive to understand more about herself. She worked with coaches, attended intentional retreats, became reinvigorated by writing and creating, and received her 300hr yoga teacher training and children’s yoga certification.

Along this self-discovery path, she came across the Human Design system, which led to many elusive ‘aha’ moments that would ultimately shift her life. Human Design allowed her to reconnect with herself, be aware of how she was taking in others’ influence, build self trust, and have radical responsibility in her life.
Resisting the conditioning to stay the more traditional course, she knew she needed to follow her intuition and joy. She left an enviable and stable role in NYC, moved across the country, and dedicated herself to an intensive Human Design Advanced Reader training program with Jes Fields and Teo Montoya. She began supporting clients using her new skills.

She was introduced to Dana Childs’s work, who illuminated Suzanne’s specialized gifts in navigating others through career. Suzanne also uses Human Design to guide parents in nurturing their children to be exactly who they are from a young age — something that she is passionate about.

Suzanne lives in Los Angeles and feeds her multi-passions by splitting her time as a Human Design expert and artistic director. She hikes everyday in Griffith Park and travels as much as possible.

My parental session with Suzanne for my son was so eye opening!

“It gave me permission to parent with a balance of independence and guidance, providing options as a motivation for my child to respond to and feel involved in the process. It was also helpful to understand that my daughter takes more time to process her emotions than my son, and we give her the time and space to do so without putting pressure on an immediate answer. I have noticed she has more confidence and trust in her decisions which I know as we continue to nurture her natural energy in this area, she can bring it with her through all stages of her life.

This also was a good reminder to let my child show me their natural way of developing and to look at where I might have placed a projection or expectation on them from my own conditioning.”

Greta, Teacher & Mother, SC


My career session with Suzanne left me feeling energized, empowered and eager for the next one!

“To have some realizations I’d been having about myself throughout the last few months all come up in my reading confirmed for me that I was on the right path as a MG with how I’m currently molding and shifting my life, especially as it relates to my career. Suzanne walks you through your chart with warmth and excitement, making sure you understand every step of the way. The experience is both validating and grounding; I can’t wait for a follow up session to continue learning more about my circuitry. Thank you!”

Erika, Entrepreneur, Brooklyn

My experience was transformational, to say the least!

“The information I gained from Suzanne’s human design reading was highly valuable, validating, and a massive ego boost. It has helped me during a time where I am transitioning and transforming into a new chapter of being, of life. I am using all of the information from my HD to seek a new job and move to a new city. Lastly, to understand my powers, and how they are unique to me!

I’m finding more confidence in myself and how I operate. I immediately found this information useful for working in my field, applying to jobs, and planning next steps in life.”

Danielle, Art Director, NYC


It was like she handed me the blueprint to my life and how to work with my natural energy instead of against it.

She opened my eyes to ways of thinking about things and reinforced some things I’ve felt deeply to be true about me. She radiates with her enthusiasm for and deep knowledge of this work which makes her readings uplifting and relatable, filled with personal stories and examples to help things resonate vs. someone just reading from and HD text book. Would highly recommend a reading with this beam of light. Thanks Suzanne!

Shannon, Breathwork Facilitator, LA

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