Tam Burke

Tam Burke

Intuitive Healer and Guide

Tam is an intuitive healer, empath, and guide. In her sessions, Tam helps you uncover what may be blocking your way to the joyful life you deserve. She holds a calm, grounded space and aids you in aligning with your inner essence and your divine path through one-on-one energy work and guidance.

What is Intuitive Healing?

Intuitive healing is a developed skill that allows the practitioner to use their personal psychic gift(s) to connect to another’s energy field and body. This connection results in the practitioner perceiving misalignments or energy obstacles. Possible causes may include physical ailments, unprocessed emotions, unconscious fears, others’ energies, and many other sources. An intuitive healer may then ask guiding questions that allow the client to connect to his/her/their own intuition and reveal personal truths. While dialogue is happening, the practitioner holds intent to bring in the needed energies and clear out what’s no longer serving the client.


Intuitive Healing Sessions

Designed for individuals
$250, 50 mins via phone

In an Intuitive energy session, Tam serves as a guide into what is keeping you from peace, joy, and contentment. She connects to your higher self through your energetic body and feels into energies creating blocks or heaviness. She will be your personal ‘spiritual detective’ as you, through dialogue, excavate down to the root of the issue and bring into consciousness what is ready to be seen, healed, loved or shifted. The energy is shifted through discussion and cleared using guided meditations. The result leaves you more grounded and with clear knowledge about your path forward.

I felt safe and protected.

“Tam has a very calm, nurturing nature that’s helpful when unpacking difficult and scary things. Today was our first session, and I’ve already developed a sense of trust with her. I felt safe and protected.”

Hailey Andreson, Paralegal


Tam made me feel seen, heard, and understood in the most beautiful and empathetic way.

The conversation felt very natural and like a true partnership of her holding this sacred space for me to be completely vulnerable, open, and myself. She has a true gift.

Jamie Fenwick, Holistic Life Coach 

More about Tam

Intuitive Healer and Guide

In 2016, Tam experienced a waking dream during an immersive yoga retreat. As sought answers, she had a session with Dana Childs. It was in that session that Tam realized her passion for energy work. Surrendering to this new life’s work, she has completed over a thousand hours of training in the yogic arts including asana, breathwork, philosophy, various energy studies, and plant medicines. In 2020, Tam began a 6-month self-study with Dana which allowed her to bring her current vision and offering to light.

She currently lives in Longmont, Colorado with her partner and two furry children. Together, they own and operate SOL 19 Yoga Studio.