The teacher in me is alive and thriving. I love answering questions–always have.

Recently, I’ve had a slew of solid Q&A articles published, and I wanted to share some of my favorite questions and answers here. I’ve also linked you to the full article if you want even more of the good stuff. 

As An Energy Healer, What Do You Focus On To Help Those Exiting A Relationship To Heal Old Wounds and Move On?

Everyone’s wounds are different, so this depends. But first, I typically focus on self-forgiveness. That’s the ultimate healing when coming out of a relationship. For some, this forgiveness centers around staying longer than they think they should have or putting up with being treated poorly. For others, its forgiving themselves for how they showed up (or didn’t) in the partnership.

From there, I like to dive back into the family of origin to help them understand WHY and HOW they were set up to choose the partner they were with. When we understand why we are attracted to or gravitate toward someone, there is this self-awareness that lands and allows us to trust our ability to choose the partners that are right for us.

After the self-awareness is in place, then it’s time to help the person understand who their partner really was/is and find a place of compassion for them. That allows the heart to release and reset. From there, they can decide if they want to do more self-work or if they’re ready to find another partner.

-excerpt from “Energy & Relationships with Intuitive Energy Healer Dana Childs,” Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine


How Do You Define Intuition and How Do You Learn To Trust It?
Intuition is often the deep knowing in our own bodies. I think everyone has the gift of intuition, and I believe that everyone’s gift has its own unique twist. For some, a knowing may feel like a pit in the stomach. For others, an opening of the heart space. You see, our bodies ARE intuitive organs– always guiding us toward truth and healing. To trust it, we must learn to be IN our bodies rather than trying to escape them. Honoring our bodies while doing internal exploration and self-awareness work creates a confidence and empowerment that allows trust of our intuition to bloom and solidify.

-excerpt from “Q&A With Dana Childs,” Emma Forbes’s


What Do You Mean By Self-Awareness and Self-Responsibility?
When we think of becoming a healer or tapping into our healer selves, we typically think of our energy going outward to help others. But ultimately being your healer self is always about self-healing. When we have self-awareness and are self-responsible, then we start to change. We react less; we don’t take things personally. We have awareness of who we are, and we can choose to be this way always, rather than meeting someone else’s “challenged” energy. When we know how we feel, what our wounds and triggers are, and what lights us up, then we are no longer projecting our pain out into the world. Knowing yourself deeply in all situations and only acting out of the integrity of who you are, shows self-awareness and responsibility.

-excerpt from “Know Yourself and Be Yourself with Dana Childs,” Mystic Mag